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Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time. On top of being undefeated, he’s also worth a lot of money. One way Mayweather hopes to continue growing his bank account is by buying into the NFT fad, which many other celebrities and athletes have gotten in on, too.
Here’s a look at Floyd Mayweather’s world-first NFT sporting event, what it actually is, and how it’ll work. 
According to Bad Left Hook, the event was originally scheduled for May 14 in Dubai on the helipad of a hotel roof. Furthermore, not only was Mayweather going to fight another legitimate boxer in an exhibition match, but the rest of the card was also stacked.
Mayweather was supposed to fight Don Moore, a boxer with a record of 18-0-1, though Moore hasn’t fought since 2016. The rest of the card featured fighters like UFC all-time great Anderson Silva, who was supposed to fight Bruno Machado, as well as Badou Jack, a decently-ranked boxer who was going to face Hany Atiyo.
Unfortunately for Mayweather and the rest of the card, the event experienced unforeseen news. UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan died on May 13, as ESPN reports. As a result of his death, the UAE announced a three-day suspension of work, which meant the event couldn’t take place as planned. Mayweather’s NFT event was rescheduled for May 21.
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According to CryptoSlate, the way the event will work as far as NFTs and crypto is concerned is pretty simple. Just like with any other PPV event, fans and curious folks can buy access to watch the event live. In this case, people will buy an NFT ticket, which will give them access to the PPV event live.
On top of that, by having an NFT ticket, people get access to exclusive items. They include, according to CryptoSlate, “limited edition 3D collectibles, unique video material, and official media files.” Other things, such as, “future access, incentives, and awards” may be offered as well, and their values may increase after purchase. 
Other than that, another difference is the vendor. Unlike paying ESPN for a PPV, people will have to go on Rarible to buy one of those NFT tickets. That’s really all there is to it. Mayweather seems to be investing into NFTs in other ways, too.
Beyond Mayweather’s fight and NFT event, the all-time great boxer has also launched his own NFT. It’s simply called Floyd Mayweather NFT. According the FloydNFT, it will give Mayweather’s fans access to an exclusive community of other Floyd Mayweather NFT holders. This community has a lot of perks that Mayweather fans may enjoy. 
For example, there’s exclusive media and comics released only for fans in the community. Mayweather himself apparently is also participating in the community, so fans may get to interact with him. On top of that, Mayweather also seems to be a participant in the Metaverse, which shows that he’s really going all-in on crypto and NFTs. 
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