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Earlier this year, a dating service that only men were apparently crying out for was launched: The Lonely Ape Dating Club. Created by a group called Year 4000 Labs, the app was meant to be a place where “Bored Ape” Non-Fungible Token (NFT) owners could meet others invested heavily into JPGs of cartoon apes.
The app – while guaranteeing potential partners would also be interested in cartoon apes and/or cryptocurrencies – was to have a few questionable features. This included being able to filter search results by the value of the NFTs and cryptocurrency held in potential dates’ wallets. Essentially like if you could filter Tinder matches by salary or the size of their mortgage.
“Get the attention of potential matches by sending them tips in crypto. Show off cool metrics like how long you have diamond handed (held on to) your NFTs, as well as your personal net worth and NFT portfolio,” the Lonely Ape Dating Club said in a press release, adding that they “are a ragtag team of hackers and NFT collectors interested in how we can integrate crypto and Web3 with the dating space.”
The problem with the project? Well, it may shock you to learn that despite a belief by people in the community that bored apes are a real women magnet, not a lot of women were interested in the dating site.
In an update posted by the dating site, they announced that “unfortunately due to a vastly uneven ratio of men to women who signed up for our waitlist, we have decided to put the BAYC dating app on hold indefinitely.”
The website now informs monkey JPG owners looking for fellow monkey JPG owners that the project is canceled. In other words, all your dates are gone.
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