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Majuro, May 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Using the platform, projects may raise funds on many blockchains. MobiPad is primarily designed for the Efinity Network, and it will enable collect funds for blockchain-based innovators.

The Project’s All-In-One Crypto Solution
MobiPad’s team unveiled a series of exciting features that will help the project gain traction in the blockchain industry.
The development team, composed of professionals in the blockchain industry, is working on releasing the MobiPad app for iOS and Android devices. The use of this original tool will simplify the daily life of crypto enthusiasts, with helpful updates on newly-launched projects, exchange listings, and other crucial events in the blockchain industry.
To protect investors against frauds or rug pull scams MobiPad has established  a system called the SAFU Fund, which will allow the team to refund investors in the event that they cannot get their money back. 
The project wishes to introduce a state-of-the-art token vesting automation process. The innovative Auto Claim system will allow traders to claim the tokens they invested independently without interacting with MobiPad or project owners.
The AutoInvest functionality represents another feature that will surely become a must-have for all crypto enthusiasts. A trader can access MobiPad and set up regular investments without going through the registration procedure again.
The great surprises do not end here: MobiPad is also introducing a tiered structure system in its product offer. The team provides investors with a well-designed tiered system, which includes the FairLaunch Mechanism, where traders do not need to own tokens to contribute. This highly-innovative functionality also features High-End NFT and Token Tiered systems. 
An Exclusive Look Into the $MBP Token and the NFT Ecosystem
The $MBP token will represent the crypto-fuel for the MobiPad’s comprehensive ecosystem. The team was happy to announce that this token would have both a utility and governance profile, offering exclusive perks for the project’s community across all its services.
The token allocation will split the 100 million $MBP across several categories:
$MBP will debut on the BNB Chain and Efinity following a FairLaunch system. The project will allocate 24 million tokens to sales, as mentioned above. The team expects the initial supply of $MBP to be equal to 4.8 million tokens.
MobiPad also featured non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in its ecosystem, joining the strong NFT hype we are currently living on the market. Minted on Enjin JumpNet, users will be able to enjoy a wide set of NFTs with different utilities.
The Project’s Competitive Strategy to Succeed
MobiPad’s path toward success is divided into five phases. The first one featured several preliminary conceptual operations, such as market research and tokenomics design.
The second phase mentions several more practical tasks that are expected to catch the investors’ attention, such as the token listing, the platform launch, and the release of the token-tiered system. 
Things should get even more interesting by the time we finally reach the third phase of the team’s plans. At this point, we will see MobiPad’s mobile app going live on the market, and the NFT feature of the project will become available. The combination of these features will allow MobiPad to make a huge step forward in its plans.
The fourth phase will include a new exciting rework of the tiered system and the launch of other essential products in MobiPad’s ecosystem, such as the outstanding Auto-Invest service mentioned above.
The developments will close with creating a decentralized autonomous organization (or DAO) that will connect all the individual features of the project. The set-up of a DAO is a trendy choice in DeFi since it allows smoother management of internal governance.
About MobiPad
A multi-chain fundraising platform based on Efinity, MobiPad includes a novel launchpad that will enable project developers to implement Enjin’s robust blockchain ecosystem for their creative non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
This new system will be developed specifically for the smooth launch of new projects and for the sake of raising funds on Enjin’s Efinity Chain. The platform introduced one of the most innovative approaches to the IDO business, which will provide teams with a professional platform for fundraising across many blockchain networks. 
MobiPad, developed primarily for the Efinity Network, will serve as a first-class platform that will help the most creative artists in the blockchain field acquire funds from a large and vibrant community of potential investors.
Speaking of great features, we can undoubtedly mention the access to the MobiPad governance granted by holding $MBP in terms of token utility. Furthermore, the project allows token holders to access exciting ways to earn passive income, such as staking and yield farming. 
Keep in mind that the token utility is not limited to these cases: everyone interested in learning more on the matter can refer to the project’s official website or join MobiPad’s growing community on the social media pages listed below.
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