The metaverse may be welcoming Madonna with open arms, but Instagram apparently isn’t being so hospitable. After attempting to go live on the platform with her recent collaborator, Sickick, to promote their new song, the artist found she was blocked from doing so, and she has a small suspicion as to why that may be the case.
On Thursday, Madonna shared a video on Instagram of her failed attempt to go live. We see in real time as the singer learns she is unable to start the video for apparently “going against” the app’s Community Guidelines, and Madonna is clearly confused. “What’s happening?” she asks. “I’ve never worn so many clothes in my life.” It’s true, in the video, the singer is layered up like never before, wearing a Marine Serre top underneath a red tank, red shorts, and fishnets.
Madonna then took to her Instagram Story, where she shared her Facetime call with Sickick about the situation. “We just tried to go live and Instagram blocked me, but they’re being really mysterious about why,” she says on the phone. “I don’t know why. They’re not giving me a reason. It’s like a bureaucracy inside of a computer.” She continues, saying, “I haven’t done anything lately. I haven’t done anything crazy. Not this week anyways.” The singer then surmises that Instagram could be upset about her recent NFT project, which debuted just last week. In the triptych of work, which she collaborated on with famed digital artist, Beeple, Madonna is seen naked many times, giving birth to an array of organisms. In the videos, Madonna is digitally realized, but they likely would have still gone against Instagram’s guidelines. The singer didn’t directly share the works on the platform, but she did share glimpses of them in order to promote the project.
Of course, we don’t know if this is why Madonna is blocked from going live on Instagram. Knowing the singer, it could be a host of other things as well. Here’s hoping she gets her live autonomy back soon. Who knows what content we are missing out on in the meantime.


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