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HUNGARY, BUDAPEST, May 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CanaBoyz is the first in the world blockchain NFT game about growing virtual cannabis. Build your own business empire and gain real crypto for playing.
Play-to-earn (P2E) games, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens truly are the hottest terms when it comes to the business of digital currency, and they have had an unexpected impact on today’s financial markets. These developments have taken centre stage in 2022, and we’d like to hear your opinions on what might happen if these (so far) major and global trends mix with another quite controversial industry, that surrounding cannabis.

CanaBoyz — newest play2earn NFT game

What exactly is CanaBoyz?
CanaBoyz is a digital gaming platform that immerses users in a one-of-a-kind gangland with the sole objective of building the world’s most lucrative enterprise through virtual cannabis cultivation. This game allows users to enjoy unfettered economic benefits through the sale of in-game assets. Indeed, users will be able to raise virtual crops on CanaBoyz that will earn them real-life cash through cryptocurrency. Players will have complete control over their assets, which they will manage and scale through smart decision making and tactics.
This game is built around the players’ economic relationships and existing smart contracts. The players’ primary goal is to develop farms and manage in-game assets. Users have access to multiple scenarios for managing their in-game assets, such as CNB and Kush tokens, seeds, bushes, artefacts, and coffee shops, via a versatile platform. Players are able to construct an internal economic zone thanks to their freedom of action, where the main goal is to raise crops and sell them profitably.
On CanaBoyz, every player will have the ability to manage in-game items while deciding on how they should grow their business. A user has the freedom to choose whether to create their virtual business on their own or in a group with other players. They can use the CanaBoyz in-game platform to manage their tokens, seeds, bushes, artefacts, and characters regardless of the kind of strategy used. CanaBoyz’s biggest feature is that every in-game item is a genuine NFT.
The idea for CanaBoyz came about due to a combination of the most prominent developments over the previous several years: the metaverse, Web 3.0, NFTs, Crypto, and the now legalised cannabis industry. CanaBoyz’ creators discovered that, upon unification of their ideas, they had a truly fantastic concept for a game.
What can you do while playing CanaBoyz? The player may build a virtual cannabis farm and earn money through playing; may use artefacts to automate the business and enhance their earnings; can join gangs while participating in a variety of gameplay scenarios; can profit from the sale of another player’s weed via the coffee shop where you can also trade with other players.

In the CanaBoyz game, a cannabis seed costs $100, and each seed is an investment that has the potential to bring serious profit to its owner. To begin your adventure in this game, you must first purchase and sow a seed using the CNB token. After that, you must wait for your virtual cannabis bush to mature (just like how you would grow a crop). After some time has passed, you will be able to sell your first shipment of cannabis for actual cryptocurrency.
Importantly, the plantation will be one of your gang’s many businesses – growing crops, harvesting them, or redeeming them from another user will all provide Kush and CNB tokens, but these aren’t the only ways these tokens can be made! These tokens will be listed on DEXes where there won’t be a presale. Players can use this token to make purchases in the Coffeeshop, to buy artefacts, or any other products on offer by other players within the CanaBoyz game. As of May 2022, the CNB token has been published on Decentralised Exchanges.

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