TOTHEMOON sold out its Waxing Crescent Character NFT mint in approximately 27 hours. The mint launch consisted of 2,800 NFTs – 2,500 Cryptonauts, 200 Moon Trainers, and 100 Moon Babies. More than 200 unique Neo N3 wallets participated in the sale.
The Waxing Crescent NFTs were minted using a single button function, which gave users roughly a 10% chance of receiving a Moon Trainer or Moon Baby. Each NFT cost 15 GAS to mint.
The sale initially experienced an issue with its use of the Neo Oracle network. However, the problem was identified and resolved, and all mint participants have received their Waxing Crescent NFTs.
Looking forward, the TTM team will announce the time and date of an upcoming snapshot for its Moon Device NFT airdrop. The Moon Devices will unlock unique free mints of forthcoming special TTM NFT collections. There are two ways to qualify for the airdrop. The first is by holding a Moon Duo NFT, and the second is by pairing multi-generation Cryptonauts and their Origin traits.
The NFT mint sell out announcement can be found at the link below:

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