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May 19, 2022, 14:00 ET
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DonerSwap zeroed commission fees for all investors
ANKARA, Turkey , May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DonerSwap, the first local and national DEX and NFT marketplace platform in Turkey that provides frictionless, decentralized exchange utilities and services with no commission fees for crypto investors, is pleased to announce its launch.
DonerSwap was created to provide an automated market making with a permissionless, trustless, decentralized exchange that enables investors to pick the right instrument with diversified options.

DonerSwap is also introducing the DONER(DNR) utility token with the platform. DonerSwap is  enhanced utilities with its own NFT marketplace to create a platform for Turkish creators and artists. Investors will be able to trade NFTs with DONER, which is the native token of DonerSwap, while NFTs can also be used as collateral to lend and yield. Within DonerSwap, DNR can be used to bet on e-sports tournaments, participate in lotteries, finance startups with crowd sales and give to charities.
"Most Europeans know doner as the Greek copycat gyro, or the Lebanon copycat shawarma. Doner is the original Turkish dish that provides protein and minerals for strength and endurance. We questioned, if there exist swaps with names such as pancake, sushi and mojito, then why should doner not be there too?" said Hande Gürsoy, DonerSwap’s Vice President of Public Relations.
"As a team of engineers and economists, we attempted to enhance our first Turkish DEX with other use cases to improve Turkish investors’ experiences within the Turkish NFT marketplace. On our first national NFT marketplace, you will be able to lend NFTs as collateral for your short-term liquidation needs," Gürsoy said.
The motivations for creating DonerSwap, Gürsoy said, are that Turkey is among the world’s leading cryptocurrency investors and the country has a young population rapidly adopting technology. With the inexistence of a Turkish DEX and Turkish NFT marketplace, and some of the scandals of immature CEXs, the DonerSwap team shortsleeved their hands to be the first in the market to create a local and national DEX platform.
"From this point of view, there should be a permissionless and no middleman, decentralized exchange for Turkish investors," Gürsoy said.
DonerSwap is allocating a private pool for early adopters with a number of DONER(DNR) tokens reserved for crowd sales. The highest percentage of the tokens will be pooled in the treasury to regulate market dynamics and keep investors’ accumulations in safe hands. In addition, DONER tokens will be used for sustainable deflationary tokenomics.
DonerSwap’s components are all developed in pure JavaScript, HTML and CSS3. DonerSwap chose the Binance Smart Chain for the network for its unprecedented speed of transactions and lower transaction fees. All contracts are sent for third-party security auditors to prevent any kind of vulnerabilities before being deployed to the network, and they are designed to be fully compliant with the OpenZeppelin and BEP20 standards to reduce vulnerabilities and increase simplicity and security.
DonerSwap updates can be found on Twitter and Telegram. For more information about DonerSwap, visit or contact [email protected].
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