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CHICAGO, May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tovera, a company focused on using technology to fight content fraud on the Internet, today announced the launch of FNFTF.io (Fight NFT Fraud), powered by its Tovera Match platform. FNFTF.io gives creators, marketplaces, and collectors the tools to identify fraudulent content using proprietary indexing and matching technology. Tovera Match has indexed 70,000,000 NFTs across the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains with more to come.

For creators and collectors, Tovera Match technology can be used for free at FNFTF.io. For marketplaces, Tovera Match is also available via API to power authentication on NFT platforms. FNFTF.io enables users to upload any NFT and see results based on image similarity, contract, date, and blockchain. Additional details including file type, block number, and token ID are also available with more data coming soon.
“We believe in the long-term future of content in the Web3 space and know that trust is the key to mass adoption,” said Kristian Kielhofner, Founder and CEO of Tovera. “If we think back to the dawn of e-commerce, consumers were wary of exposing their credit card information online, then along came trust and verification services to help build confidence. We’re at a similar crossroads. We have launched FNFTF.io to demonstrate the power of Tovera Match so that everyone understands the value of verification and can join the movement to stop NFT fraud.”
To try the solution for free, visit FNFTF.io and upload your favorite NFT. To learn how your business can fight NFT Fraud, visit Tovera.com.
About Tovera
Tovera is focused on stopping content fraud on the Internet. With its first application in the NFT space, Tovera adds content insight and verification to the Web3 ecosystem. Tovera Match, a proprietary cross-chain indexing and matching technology, is the only publicly available solution capable of identifying authentic and original content as well as frauds and forgeries. To try Tovera Match and to opt-in for updates, visit FNFTF.io.
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