Julian Lennon is following in his famous father’s footsteps.
The eldest son of John Lennon is raising money for Ukraine with an NFT auction for his own recording of “Imagine.”
I’m using their press release because I really like Julian and have no idea what an NFT is even now:
YellowHeart, the NFT marketplace for music, ticketing and community tokens, which accepts both crypto and credit card payments, will release an exclusive NFT of Julian Lennon’s first recording of his father’s beloved song, “Imagine.” Along with a recording of the track, the NFT will feature audio and visual interpretations of the song, including a personal narration from Lennon and new visual artwork. Lennon’s historic interpretation of the song was performed for Stand Up for Ukraine in April 2022, which raised $10.1 billion for refugees. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to Ukraine refugee relief through Lennon’s nonprofit, The White Feather Foundation. 
The War on Ukraine is an unimaginable tragedy, and as a human and an artist I have always felt that music finds a way to heal, comfort, rally and support during times of crisis,’ said Julian Lennon. ‘Performing my father’s classic “Imagine” was a very personal decision, but an obvious one given his lyrics reflect our collective desire for peace worldwide. Partnering with YellowHeart to offer NFT artwork that includes my interpretation of the song will provide an opportunity for fans to connect and unite through the song’s message of unity in a new and innovative way.’
This audio and visual NFT interpretation of ‘Imagine’ includes Lennon’s acoustic performance, accompanied by Co-Producer, Nuno Bettencourt on guitar and backing vocals. The audio recording is fused with meditative visuals featuring black and white pencil strokes of Lennon, which evolves with pockets of light throughout the song. The NFT also includes a new audio narration of Lennon describing his motivation behind performing the song for the first time to benefit Ukraine. Beginning on May 20, 2022, fans will have the opportunity to purchase the NFT for 11 days for $11, holding onto a piece of this historic moment forever. 
We are thrilled to be collaborating with Julian Lennon for the second time to share this momentous NFT recording of the iconic song “Imagine” with fans worldwide,’ said Josh Katz, CEO and founder of YellowHeart. ‘We are all passionate about supporting the relief efforts for Ukraine, and we are proud that Julian has enlisted YellowHeart to help support his philanthropic work and honor the inspirational messages in the song by providing a platform for fans to engage with this historic moment.’

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