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Filmmaker Dayla Soul made the documentary “It Ain’t Pretty,” which tells the story of female big wave surfers who are fighting sexism in the water, in the media and across the surf industry. In this episode, we excerpt her film.
India’s Wholesale Prices Rise to Three-Decade High on Costly Oil
UK Cost-of-Living Squeeze Intensifies With Drop in Real Wages
Tencent, Alibaba Look Like Utilities After $1 Trillion Drubbing
Verizon Joins AT&T in Raising Wireless Prices as Inflation Bites
Buffalo Massacre Suspect Mapped Plans on Discord App for Months
Hong Kong Considers Blocking Telegram, Local Paper Says
Putin Sends Russians on Wild Hunt for Dollars in Black Market
World’s Top Enabler of Financial Secrecy Is the United States
Buffett Exits Wells Fargo Stake, Ending Decades-Long Bet on Bank
Against All Odds, London Is in the Middle of a Luxury Hotel Boom
Buck, Aikman Excited About ‘Starting Over’ With ESPN
The Business of Britain Should be Business
Erdogan’s NATO Brinkmanship Smacks of Desperation
Calling a Man ‘Bald’ Isn’t Sexual Harassment
Tech’s High-Flying Startup Scene Gets a Crushing Reality Check
China’s Pullback on Lending Stalls Dreams of Rebuilding Nigeria
The Tighter Labor Market Is Making Restaurants More Like Factories
California Push to Seat More Women on Boards Ruled Unlawful
Biden’s New Press Secretary Notes All ‘Firsts’ at Briefing
Buffalo-Based M&T Bank CEO Condemns Attack, Beefs Up Security
Elephant Trade Curbs Spur African Nations to Seek Common Stance
Richest Asian Is Also Busiest Dealmaker With a $17 Billion Spree
Here’s How to Get Infrastructure Funds to Smaller Cities
Biden’s Rescue Money Doled Out to Racehorse Owners, Influencers
Optibus Joins Unicorn Ranks, Driven by Software Routing Public Buses, Trains
Ether Could Sink Another 80%, Chart Watcher 22V Says
Novogratz Goes Silent on Twitter After Collapse of Coin He Promoted
Do Kwon Proposes Creating Another Blockchain From Terra’s Ashes
Kevin Zhou of Galois Capital says he started warning about Terra as a ‘public service to also let everybody else know’ about its dangers.

Hacks, scams, ponzis, rug pulls and crashes are common in crypto; they happen almost every day. The recent collapse of the Terra ecosystem and its UST stablecoin is different.
Terra was pitched as an important experiment — an attempt to create a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar without relying on traditional financial securities or overcollateralized crypto assets as reserves. Last week’s sudden collapse of the Terra project now puts that idea in doubt, and its loudest critic is claiming victory.


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