You can indeed buy a fraction of the coins
Yes, you can.
Bitcoin has a high cost. Even when the market crashed, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies offers the opportunity to buy a fraction of the asset.
After the market crash, Bitcoin had a reduction of 30% on its value. However, the cost is still high. You need to pay tens of thousands to acquire a coin.
Bitcoin is available for buying and selling fraction shares as low as $25.
Most people buy and sell crypto directly using crypto exchanges like Coinbase.
You can use Robinhood and other online brokers’ apps to trade crypto directly. Nevertheless, always be careful.
A cold wallet is a small encrypted portable device that allows you to carry or download your Bitcoin.
Many people believe a cold wallet is better than a hot wallet because it’s portable, and just you have access to it.
Make sure to don’t lose it.
Make a password and two-factor authentication.
After linking your cold wallet, and you are ready to exchange Bitcoin, decide the quantity you’ll like to buy
Bitcoin’s trading symbol is BTC or XBT.
As we said before, you can buy a fraction of the coin as low as $25 per transaction.
The idea of cryptocurrencies is to buy and then sell them after they increased their value.
Nevertheless, the future of the cryptocurrency market is shaking after it lost $200 billion in the last few days.
Even stablecoins failed to protect the main coins from crashing their value.
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