Published: 13/May/2022 3:00 Updated: 13/May/2022 2:44
JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji, the UK’s unofficial face of the internet, has been posting devastating updates to Twitter about a $2.8 million dollar crypto buy-in. Now valued at just over $1000.
As the bubble well and truly pops on what’s been an insane market for crypto investors, thousands of people are finding investments down by 80-90% or more.
Though KSI has proven the ability to lose money in even the best of times, he’s recently been posting updates to KSICRPYTO, his cryptocurrency-focused Twitter account, on a $2.8 million dollar move he made with LUNA.
Posting on May 11, JJ started the story of his money’s decline by saying: “In total, I have bought about 100,000 Luna. Sticking it in a wallet and gonna see what happens in a few years. Could be the best/worst trade of my life.”
So far, this is yet another L I’ve taken during my crypto journey 😂😂😂. Honestly was doing so well with shorting Bitcoin hahaha
— KSICRYPTO (@ksicrypto) May 11, 2022

The coin in question, LUNA, that KSI made the mammoth bet on, has become the archetypal story for loss in the world of digital currency in the days since his public backing.
After reaching a peak of value at $116 in April, the coin was worth just a cent on Thursday May 12, and is still plummeting. Currently, it sits at 1/10th of a cent at the time of writing.
Describing how this unbelievable drop in value has impacted him on an emotional level, KSI posted with the wisdom of a man who has been through similar declines before.
“Before crypto, money was a driving force in my mindset,” the YouTube star explained. “During my time, I made a lot of money, and lost a lot of money. I went from euphoric to depressed. But soon I became numb to it all and realized that money simply isn’t everything.”
Continuing to spread wisdom around his experience of loss, JJ dropped truth bombs on his Twitter followers. Going so far as to say ” I’m finally at peace with myself. I just put 2.8 million in that Luna buy and it’s worth less than 50k. But that’s ok because I’m not dead.”
Like I’m just in such a better place than I was last year. I guess you’ll see in the doc, but I was so lifeless last year.
But anyway, I’ve learned a lot during this crypto phase. Was a lost soul before it, and now I’m more focused and happier than ever
— KSICRYPTO (@ksicrypto) May 12, 2022

The stunning positivity in the face of overwhelming loss is a bright light in the midst of a sea of people who’ve lost out in the recent crypto crash, but is also the words of a man who can afford to lose close to $3 million overnight and still remain clothed, sheltered, and fed.
Posting a final update less than 48 hours after his initial announcement of the best/worst trade of his life, KSI posted a picture of the value of his LUNA at $1017.94, while claiming to be done with it:
“My 2.8 million dollars is literally worth $1000,” he said laughing. “Yeah I’m packing this in.”
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