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Get Maine Lobster, the lobster company that discovered Haddie, the “cotton candy lobster,” is launching an NFT project to celebrate her.
The seafood delivery service is also building an online community around the one-of-a-kind lobster.
Local lobsterman Billy Coppersmith discovered Haddie, the “1-in-100 million cotton candy lobster,” in November 2021.
Get Maine Lobster’s Mark Murrell formed a partnership with Coppersmith and found Haddie a forever home.
“She is at the Seacoast Science Center right in New Hampshire,” Murrell told NJ Advance Media. “They went through some renovations, so they have some upgraded quarters, and [Haddie] is alive and well.”
Now that Haddie has a place to call home, Murrell wanted the entire world to have a piece of Haddie’s uniqueness in their homes by creating a community.
“The biggest thing is when Haddie was discovered, and I got to hold her in my hands, and she’s super rare, beautiful and brave. I wanted to build a legacy around her,” Murrell said.
With NFTs and the metaverse on the rise, Get Maine Lobster saw them as opportunities to continue building a community of fans and a legacy for Haddie.
Murrell added that he wanted 10% of all proceeds from the NFTs sold in the Haddie’s Bay Club community to support marine conservation.
Community members who buy the NFT tokens will also receive membership perks.
For example, the first 7% of NFT holders in the U.S. will get a package of lobster rolls delivered to their residence. Meanwhile, the first 17% of NFT holders will get an exclusive T-shirt.
“We’ve already been getting interest from our community, and I think the art is pretty awesome,” Murrell said. “It’s very creative, and the utility of it where one lucky person can win lobster for life as an NFT holder I think will create some appeal, as well.”

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