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Los Angeles, CA, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Art in human history goes back 10,000 years – from Paleolithic cave paintings, to ancient Egyptian funerary sculptures, to Renaissance body/architecture art…
Historians have summed up this long evolution of art into books for people to read, but those artistic crystallizations are lacking, which means that we will never be able to see what it really is.
Some people may say: we can always do something for these art treasures, such as cultural relics restoration?
Yes, the art restoration industry sprang up during the Renaissance, but limited by rough restoration techniques, many cultural relics were not only not properly protected, but also destroyed.
Since the 19th century, books on the methodology of art restoration have gradually come out, and organizations like the Italian Spinelli Palace Art Restoration and Cultural Heritage Protection Agency have also appeared in front of people.
In the process of technological development and replacement, generations of restorers have successfully saved many precious works of art, but will everything be fine? Of course not.
In order to keep the artwork better in the world, today’s artwork restoration work not only requires the restorer to have superb skills, but also needs to have a complete understanding of the artwork and the history behind it. In addition, restorers also need to have interdisciplinary knowledge and effective communication skills.
It can be seen that the threshold for art restoration is very high. But even if restorers are talented, they always have special circumstances.
Such as Andalusia’s medieval castle – Castillo de Matrera. Because the history of the ancient castle is too long, only the broken walls are left, so the architects ingeniously restored it into the style of a monument, retaining only part of the original walls. The restoration even won an American Architecture Award, but most people were not satisfied with the restoration, arguing that it lost its original feel to the ruins.
In fact, time has shown us that it is difficult for the physical world to have true immortality.
While regretting, we are also thinking, is there a way to really leave time? Thankfully, this era has a peculiar product – digital art. Artistone, an NFT art platform that has recently become popular on the Internet, is also committed to providing artists with such an ideal country where they can permanently store art.
Artistone is an art community-style NFT exchange that issues its own equity NFT “Era-stone”. These NFTs called “Era-stone” not only mean the rights and interests that can be obtained by holding the NFT, but also represent the combination of nature and digital art.
We know that the Stone Age was the first period of human civilization. In the process of human evolution, stone plays an extremely important role. From the most basic life, production, and various forms of creative activities, many stories have been derived between humans and stone.
These NFT Era-stones with different materials and styles are engraved with the names of many deceased artists. From a certain point of view, this is the sustenance of modern people to history, and it is also a commemoration of the works of art they have created.
Artistone’s vision is not only these, they are doing something that connects the past and the future – leaving their names for more contemporary artists:
Excellent artists only need to apply on the platform, and they will receive an Era-stone NFT named by Artistone after reviewing them.
Of course, these places are not only for authoritative artists. Any creator who releases NFT on the Artistone platform reaches a certain target, and the official will also send them a customized Era-stone NFT.
That said, whether or not you’ve already made amazing achievements in art, you’ll find your place at Artistone.
Individual artists are undoubtedly lonely, and so are the works that are condensed from all experiences. But Artistone is committed to bringing the world’s artists together on the same platform, with the most pioneering art clusters and the most ardent followers.
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