It’s hard to tell whether or not we’ve started a new bull cycle or if we’ll be stuck with a sideways market for the foreseeable future. Regardless, there seems to be more interest in crypto lately. Some recent price action after months of nothing burgers seemed to bring people back to life. It’s great to see activity on Twitter with people giving their price predictions plus lots of buying and selling of NFTs.
As interest in crypto increases, there will be new market participants interacting with crypto and NFTs for the first time. An opportunity exists for NFT projects to launch low-cost or free-mint NFTs that have the potential to be flipped. Imagine you are a brand new market participant with three to five $Avax in your wallet – you might not be able to buy a Ferdy Fish with a floor around 19-20 $Avax. Instead, you might be looking for something in the .5-3 $Avax range. Additionally, for many people, NFTs are more of a hobby than a way to get rich. That being said, let’s look at 3 affordable NFT projects on Avalanche.
This is a brand-new project…their Twitter account only has 4 Tweets, so please be sure to do your own research. They ran a discord invitation for OG roles but that seems to be expired, and as of now they don’t have a public discord channel. They also don’t have a website, lol. It’s important to keep in mind that Sausages Degen is different from Sausages Lab, but anyway you look at it, that’s alotta sausage. They say the project is coming in Spring 2023 and the current floor price is 1.2 $Avax.
Friend Forest is more established than Sausages Degen. They have their own website, their Twitter has 4k+ followers, and they have a public discord channel. Friend Forest is on a mission to plant 20k trees and on August 4th, 2022, they donated 25% of their mint proceeds to Trees for the Future, which is a great cause. It would be nice if more projects did that. The current floor price for Friend Forest is .3 $Avax, which might suggest a lot of room for flipping.
There are only 200 Smol Sharks which is by far the lowest number on this list. It’s hard to know exactly what the storyline for Smol Sharks is because they don’t have a website, but from a quick glance at their Twitter account it looks like they have metaverse plans. It would be cool to have an underwater metaverse filled with sharks and other aquatic wildlife. Has that been done? Smol Sharks has 2.7k+ Twitter followers and a public discord channel. The current floor price is 1.65 $Avax.
Some people just want to buy, sell, and trade affordable collectibles without having to break the bank, and as new people enter the market it’s possible that we could see more cost-efficient projects popping up. It’s really cool how Friends Forest has a mission of planting 20k trees. This is something that other NFT projects could learn from. Yes, it’s necessary for projects to make money, but having a philanthropic element to the project could be a big differentiator in the next bull market.
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