Crypto crowdsales are early sales of new tokens directly by a project to its community. They’re often one of the best ways to get in on the ground floor of a new crypto project, before the token hits major exchanges.
With so many new crypto projects launching, there are dozens of crypto crowdsales going on right now. In this guide, we’ll show you the 10 best crypto crowdsales to invest in for 2022 and explain why you might consider investing in new token crowdsales.
We’ve combed through dozens of top crypto crowdsales to bring you the 10 best crypto crowdsales for 2022:
Want to know more about the 10 best crypto crowdsales? We’ve reviewed each new project so you can better understand what makes them stand out and decide which ones to invest in.
Battle InfinityBattle InfinityBattle Infinity is one of the new crypto crowdsales that we’re most excited about in 2022. Battle Infinity is building a ‘multiverse of metaverse’ where players will eventually be able to create their own virtual mini-games. The potential for exploration, gaming, and development within Battle Infinity promises to be truly impressive.
The Battle Infinity development team is kicking things off with IBAT Premier League, a sports fantasy game based in the metaverse. In IBAT Premier League, players can acquire a budget, build a fantasy team, and compete in leagues to see whose team performs the best. Players must acquire an NFT pass to join IBAT Premier League.
Winning players are rewarded with IBAT tokens, the native cryptocurrency of Battle Infinity. This token serves as the basis for the metaverse economy and is used to buy NFTs, develop games, reward players, and more. Battle Infinity also plans to have a decentralized exchange within the metaverse where players can buy and sell IBAT.
Battle Infinity’s pre-sale of IBAT tokens is currently live on the platform’s website. Project supporters can buy IBAT with BNB at a rate of 1 BNB to 166,666 IBAT. During the pre-sale, the minimum purchase is 0.1 BNB and the maximum is 500 BNB.
The pre-sale is only available for a limited time. Battle Infinity’s development team is finishing up stage 3 of the project’s roadmap, which includes a total of 7 stages.
tamadoge - cheap cryptotamadoge - cheap cryptoTamadoge is another contender for the title of best crypto crowdsale of 2022. This play-to-earn crypto game enables players to purchase digital NFT pets. Each pet starts off as a youngster with its own randomly generated stats, strengths, and weaknesses. As players care for their pets, they grow into adulthood in unique ways.
Once pets reach adulthood, they can be played in battle against other pets in Tamadoge’s turn-based virtual arena. Winning players climb the game’s leaderboards, and top winners are rewarded with the game’s native cryptocurrency, TAMA.
TAMA is hugely important to the Tamadoge ecosystem. It’s the currency used to mint new NFT pets as well as to buy upgrades and accessories for players’ pets.
Importantly, TAMA is designed to create value for players. The coin is launching with a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens, and 5% of tokens used in every transaction in Tamadoge are burned. So, the supply of TAMA decreases over time. The more people play Tamadoge, the faster the supply of TAMA drops and the more valuable this coin becomes.
Another thing that’s great about TAMA is that there are no transaction taxes when players buy and sell the coin. That means there are no penalties for making small TAMA transactions like there are for many other new cryptos.
Players can get in on the TAMA pre-sale now. The beta pre-sale runs for 30 days, followed by a 90-day main pre-sale. Tamadoge expects to mint the first virtual pet NFTs and list TAMA on major exchanges later in 2022.
CryptoDragons is a play-to-earn NFT game that gives players the opportunity to hatch and grow their own dragons. The project is launching with 10,000 unique NFT eggs, which players can hatch to reveal their dragon.
Once their dragon grows up, players have a few different ways they can approach CryptoDragons. First, they can battle their dragon against others in the CryptoDragons metaverse and earn Dragon Coin (CDC) when they win. Players also have the option to breed their dragon to produce new NFT dragons.
CDC tokens are at the center of the CryptoDragons economy and are used for breeding, upgrades, and more in the game’s marketplace. CryptoDragons is offering 5% of the total available supply of 100 million CDC through a limited-time pre-sale. After the pre-sale ends, the project then plans to offer another 37% of the supply through an ICO.
GIGCO is a new Solana-based platform that aims to bring together musicians, venues, and fans through the blockchain. The project’s goal is to decentralize the live music industry by offering instant smart contracts for musicians.
These smart contracts create a contract between a musician and venue, plus set the rules around ticket sales. These contracts offer significant advantages for independent musicians, who retain control over their music and merchandise.
GIGCO is also introducing a new type of NFT, which it calls non-fungible songs (NFSs). Musicians can turn their music into NFSs and then sell them to fans in exchange for GIG tokens. GIG tokens can also be used to tip artists during live performances.
GIGCO has minted 190 million GIG tokens, which it is distributing to early supporters this summer through pre-sales and a planned IDO. GIG tokens are currently available at a price of $0.075 but will gradually scale to the IDO price of $0.15.
NFTWorkx is a crypto services company that aims to help individuals and businesses of all stripes benefit from the Web 3.0 coin revolution. The company works with artists, athletes, small businesses, marketing firms, and more. NFTWorkx can help clients create NFTs, launch a Web3 platform, add more benefits to existing NFTs, and more.
NFTWorkx is itself powered by a cryptocurrency called Workx (WRKX). Workx tokens are used to pay for NFTWorkx’s services and holders receive a discount on most services provided by the company. In addition, Workx tokens can be staked on NFTWorkx’s platform to earn interest.
NFTWorkx has made Workx tokens available via a crypto crowdsale for the next 72 days. Only 2% of the total supply of Workx tokens are available in the pre-sale before a planned IDO on Pancakeswap. So, project supporters need to get in on this pre-sale sooner rather than later.
The Next World is a free-to-play battle royale game that’s launching in The Sandbox metaverse. The game is inspired by Call of Duty and features first-person shooter play inside an intricately detailed gaming environment. The Next World is powered by Unreal Engine, so players can expect outstanding graphics and responsiveness.
The Next World’s in-game economy is driven by TNW tokens. TNW can be used to purchase NFT upgrades for a player’s character and is distributed as a reward to players who win matches. Eventually, The Next World plans to launch global tournaments that will offer prizes in TNW.
Project supporters don’t even have to play to earn TNW. The game also offers a watch-to-earn mechanism and staking for TNW tokens.
TNW tokens are on sale now through what we think is one of the best crypto crowdales of the year.
inSHAPE is a new move-to-earn crypto game that builds on the innovation of crypto
games like STEPN. With inSHAPE, all workouts can help players earn SHAPE tokens. Simply wear a fitness tracking wristband, connect to the inSHAPE mobile app, and workout to start earning.
The simplicity of inSHAPE makes this crypto project appealing to fitness enthusiasts who aren’t deep into crypto. But more experienced crypto enthusiasts can also take advantage of limited edition NFTs to boost their earnings. Each inSHAPE NFT offers special boosts that can be used to increase earnings from workouts up to 30x.
The SHAPE token is available now through a public pre-sale. A total of 300 million tokens will be minted out of a maximum supply of 1 billion. Supporters can use BNB, BTC, ETH, USDC, or LTC to purchase SHAPE tokens.
Fusotao is a new protocol designed to be used by decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It enables fast, ultra-secure trades by executing order book matches off a blockchain and then verifying the transactions on-chain.
Fusotao’s protocol has several major advantages for DEXs. First, since trade execution takes place off the blockchain, there are no gas fees for DeFi transactions.
Another benefit is that Fusotao’s native coin, TAO, allows DEX communities to share transaction fees with their communities. For this functionality, TAO can be staked to any DEX using the Fusotao protocol. Traders who trade on Fusotao-backed exchanges can also receive TAO as a reward for trading.
The TAO token is now available through a pre-IDO for early project supporters. Fusotao’s development team plans to list TAO on a variety of DEXs and centralized exchanges later this year.
WagerGang is a decentralized sports betting platform built on the blockchain. Each sporting or esports event gets its own play pool, which is controlled by smart contracts. Players can wager as much as they like, and the amount they stand to earn is the percentage of their total contribution to their team’s pool. If the player’s team wins, they earn that percentage of the wager pool for the losing team.
This system means that WagerGang doesn’t have any odds, house edge, or handicaps. It’s a disruptive new take on sports betting that empowers bettors and makes sports betting far fairer.
In order to bet with WagerGang, players must use GANG tokens. This is a Binance Smart Chain token that has been fully audited. WagerGang plans to distribute 10% of the total token supply through a pre-sale and upcoming IDO.
CrimeCoin is a new meme coin that features famous crime bosses like Al Capone, John Giotti, Carlo Gambino, and others. It provides historical education about these crime leaders and promises to be better than any history class.
The coin doesn’t have much utility, but the appeal of crime bosses may be enough to drive its value higher. In addition, CrimeCoin has been fully KYC-verified and the project has been validated by CoinSniper.
CrimeCoin has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. This project is currently offering a pre-sale of the CRM token at a rate of 1 BNB to 5 million CRM. The minimum purchase is 0.1 BNB and the maximum is 1 BNB. The pre-sale is limited to 138 BNB and runs through the end of 2022.
A crypto crowdsale is a sale of a new cryptocurrency to the public through a project’s website. This sale is directly between a project’s treasury and purchaser’s crypto wallets and does not involve a centralized or decentralized crypto exchange.
Crypto crowdsales are often referred to as crypto pre-sales because they offer an opportunity for project supporters to buy a token before it is listed on major exchanges. Crypto crowdsales typically run for a limited amount of time and most projects plan to hold an ICO or IDO after the crowdsale has ended.
The best token crowdsales are held while a project is still under development, but nearing completion. That way, the project gets additional funds it needs to finish development and launch a marketing campaign around the new offering. Investors get a discounted token and don’t have to wait too long for the project to come to fruition.
Crypto crowdsales are relatively simple. Someone who wants to buy a coin during a crowdsale simply connects their wallet to the project’s crowdsale platform and then purchases the token. Most crowdsales accept one or more major cryptocurrencies, such as BNB, in exchange for their new tokens.
Crypto crowdsales take place at a fixed exchange rate, which is typically more favorable than the exchange rate that will be offered at a future ICO. So, the best crypto crowdsale gives investors a chance to buy at a low price. Most crowdsales don’t restrict purchasers from selling after the ICO, which means there may be a chance for investors to exit for a quick profit.
One of the tricks to joining the best crypto crowdsale is finding it before the pre-sale ends and an ICO takes place. It can be surprisingly tricky to find new token crowdsales, let alone finding the best ones.
The best place to go to find crypto crowdsales is Twitter. This is where most new crypto projects first establish a public presence and announce their intentions. If a project hopes to get supporters to buy their coin during a crowdsale, the development team will almost certainly be making announcements on Twitter.
Similarly, announcements about the best token crowdsales can be founded on Reddit. Many developers are familiar with Reddit and look for support in crypto-themed subreddits. Be sure to check out subreddits around GameFi, DeFi, and metaverse projects as these are particularly hot areas for crypto crowdsales right now.
There are also several platforms that collect information about new and ongoing crypto sales. For example, CoinSniper reviews new crypto projects to determine if they’re legit and can be a good source for finding out about crowdsales before they happen. CryptoTotem is another platform that finds and lists upcoming ICOs and projects that are holding pre-ICO crowdsales.
One of the key questions investors need to ask themselves is whether crypto crowdsales are a worthwhile investment. The answer is that it depends on the crowdsale. The best crypto crowdsale might offer huge returns, while others could turn out to be busts.
Here, we’ll cover some of the main reasons that crypto crowdsales can be a good investment.
One of the main advantages to investing in a crypto crowdsale is that these crowdsales typically offer lower prices for a new token than you will find at a later ICO or IDO. In fact, many projects distribute tokens through a crowdsale at a 25% or 50% discount relative to their planned ICO price.
That means that investors could potentially “flip” tokens bought during a crowdsale after the token’s ICO. There’s no guarantee the price will stay above the ICO price, but many coins rise in value following an ICO and this offers an opportunity for profit.
Most new crypto projects have limited circulating supplies of their tokens. This can make it difficult for latecomers to fully dive into a project or to build up a critical mass of tokens for staking and purchases.
When supporters buy during a crowdsale, they have access to coins before supply becomes limited. While many projects put a maximum purchase on crowdsales, these limits apply per wallet. So, for anyone who wants to buy more coins, they simply need to connect another crypto wallet.
Investing in crypto crowdsales can be a little bit like VC investing. Several projects might fail and their tokens could end up worthless. But another promising project could produce 10X returns, more than making up for any money lost on failed projects.
Crypto crowdsale investors get to do the exciting work of finding the most promising projects that will deliver these huge returns. Successful investors not only stand to make a lot of money, but can get involved in new crypto projects that develop a huge community following.
Ready to invest in the best crypto crowdsale of 2022? We’ll show readers how to buy Battle Infinity’s IBAT token during the ongoing crowdsale.
To connect to the Battle Infinity crowdsale, investors will need a crypto wallet. We recommend Metamask since it’s widely supported, very secure, and easy to use. Head to Metamask’s website to download Metamask for browsers.metamask sitemetamask site
Battle Infinity requires investors to purchase IBAT using BNB. Investors can purchase BNB at most major crypto exchanges, including eToro and Binance. Once investors have BNB, they need to transfer it to their Metamask wallet.eToro CryptoeToro Crypto
Head to Battle Infinity’s website and click the ‘Launch Presale Dashboard’ button to visit the platform’s crowdsale platform.
Click ‘Connect Wallet’ to connect the Metamask wallet containing BNB.Connect Wallet to Battle InfinityConnect Wallet to Battle Infinity
Now investors can use BNB to buy IBAT. Enter the amount of BNB to invest and the platform will display the equivalent amount in IBAT. When ready, click Buy IBAT to complete the purchase.Battle Infinity Presale Buy IBATBattle Infinity Presale Buy IBAT
The best cryptocurrency crowdsales allow investors to get in early on new crypto projects and can be potentially lucrative if these projects take off.
We think the best crypto crowdsale for 2022 is Battle Infinity, which is currently offering its IBAT token to early investors. Head to Battle Infinity’s website to buy IBAT today!
Battle InfinityBattle Infinity
A crypto crowdsale is a direct sale of tokens from a crypto project’s treasury to an investor’s wallet in exchange for a more established cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH, or BNB. Crypto crowdsales are usually only available for a limited time and offer purchase prices that are lower than the future ICO price.
We think the best crypto crowdsales to invest in for 2022 are Battle Infinity and Tamadoge. Battle Infinity is creating a metaverse for gaming and fantasy sports, while Tamadoge is creating a play-to-earn crypto game where players can battle NFT pets. Both Battle Infinity and Tamadoge are holding crowdsales now for a limited time.
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