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Shib army keeps locking SHIB tokens in inactive wallets to raise the currency’s price, but it hasn’t been successful so far. Meanwhile, a long-term SHIB burning campaign has resulted in burning 150 million more meme tokens. Last week, the neighborhood was able to burn almost 1 billion Shiba Inus.
Approximately 149.6 million meme coins have been moved to unspendable wallets in the last few days to be locked there forever, according to their Twitter feed of Shibburn. This service records SHIB burns and destroys these meme currencies on its own. The biggest of these four lumps, 87,574,132 SHIB, burnt in the last 24 hours. It required 12 transactions to transfer that much cryptocurrency to dead wallets. Prior to then, 12,738,009, 18,875,469, and 30,614,624 SHIB were consumed, respectively.
The Shiba Inu community has passed a new historic milestone in relation to its holder count, as reported by sources earlier this week. On July 20, the on-chain tracking provider WhaleStats announced that there were more Shiba holdings than the 1,210,000 mark. On Friday, a whale with the wallet name “BlueWhale0159” purchased a mind-boggling 150,000,000,000 Shiba Inu. The transaction cost $1,750,500. Unlike other whales who sold them or transferred them to other wallets as soon as they had been acquired, the investor is still hanging onto these tokens.
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