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UK-based news website NFT Plazas has acquired on-chain monthly print publication MagNFT from MagMaster. The terms were not disclosed. 
MagNFT was founded in 2019 and minted on Condex, and has since published 24 issues. 
The magazine has featured several names that are known in the NFT art market, including Xcopy, Coldie, Pransky, Trevor Jones, Jose Delbo, Beeple, and Alotta Money.
Its site now simply states that a MagNFT relaunch will occur in 2022. NFT Plazas refers to it as its first print publication. 
Formerly known as DCL Plazas, NFT Plazas is a news site dedicated to the NFT and Metaverse space, offering a daily story feed and a weekly email newsletter. It was founded in 2018.
Sunday’s lineup features a story, titled, “Decentraland Comes Alive with its First Official Wedding.”
Earlier this year, the media company launched an automated metaverse advertising system.
“We see the recent downturn in the Crypto and NFT markets as an opportunity,” states Chris Thomas, founder and CEO of NFT Plazas. “Our long term strategy and careful planning now sees us in the fortuitous position of being able to expand the NFT Plazas brand.” 


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