By utilizing the Qi blockchain technology stack, HovR is getting ready to revolutionize the NFT marketplace sector. As a result, dealing with high-free blockchains is no longer necessary, and it will be more easier and less expensive to mint non-fungible tokens.
With incredibly low costs, Qi is one of the most advanced blockchains that HovR uses, helping the developing NFT market. Users of HovR can easily transfer value between cryptocurrencies, NFTs, precious metals used in real estate, and fiat currencies. By generating distinctive blockchain-based IDs, any asset can be tokenized.
Additionally, HovR focuses on the real-world applications of non-fungible tokens, such as in-game item trade, document storage, purchasing a Web3 domain, social network avatars, ticketing systems, etc. It will open the door for investigating other possibilities, such as sports contracts, college degrees, digital passports, and medical data, to give the NFT sector even greater utility.
Through HovR, it is easy, affordable, and effective to create an NFT.
On the Qi blockchain, created NFTs are connected to a wallet address, enabling full digital ownership and transparent trading history.
HovR chooses the Qi blockchain over the SWIFT network and Bitcoin due it its 300 times faster throughput. Utilizing such cutting-edge technology might have ensured that earlier NFT ventures, such as Crypto Kitties had a longer lifespan and remained prominent. However, they chose an alternative approach rather than building on Qi.
VortX Capital, a leading global fintech investment firm, provides support for the Qi ecosystem. For many apps, the Qi network serves as the principal payment rail. To further showcase its potential, VortX plans to introduce several decentralized applications (dApps) and play-to-earn NFT games on Qi.
Additionally, VortX also owns the brand-new HovR marketplace. The team intends to focus solely on dApps, NFTs, and blockchain games for the foreseeable future as it explores all leading industry sectors.
The company intends to become the first blockchain startup to go public in Africa to improve VortX’s attractiveness to the general public. The team openly communicates with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Equity Express Stock Exchange to make it a reality.
To gain initial traction, HovR developed a native NFT collection of the 10,000 largest cities in the globe, listed by population. These NFTs will be used in a play-to-earn metaverse game where players try to rule the entire planet. Holders of NFT can rule their city and conquer new territory.
Additionally, HovR is negotiating with several organizations to establish partnerships essential for converting legal wills and event tickets into non-fungible tokens.


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