Women in Data’s NFT Collection Visionaries
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (PRWEB) July 20, 2022
Women in Data (WiD) is launching its first non fungible token (NFT) collection today, and tokenizing its membership and programming on the Hedera network with support from the HBAR Foundation.
Women in Data is providing members of its community free and easy access to NFTs, while delivering increased web3 education and awareness, driving a sense of belonging to a global community and providing inspiration for what the future of women working in technology looks like.
WiD believes diversity is important especially in emerging and growing fields such as data and web3. This NFT collection helps solidify WiD’s mission, vision and values. In 2021, it became clear that web3 was leading the way for the future and has the potential to impact the way we all live and work. Just like data careers, Women in Data wants to make sure that women and members of its community have awareness and access to the opportunities available in web3.
“We know that technology can offer empowerment, especially for women and girls,” said Sadie St. Lawrence, CEO of Women in Data. “Unfortunately, historically, we have seen that when new technologies emerge, it is often marginalized groups who have access last. This can lead to even greater bias and inequality in our society as the technology advances.”
As data enthusiasts, Women in Data is excited about the possibilities that exist with data in web3 and wants to create an entry point to this space for more women. To do so, instead of building a community around an NFT collection, WiD decided to build an NFT collection specifically for its community.
Women in Data is embracing this new technology and tokenizing its membership to help reduce the barriers that may exist for many of their members to access opportunities in web3. Members will receive a NFT simply by being a part of WiD, and will have the support and resources to guide them through setting up a wallet and more.
The NFT will not only represent the transactional value of their annual membership, but it will also visually represent their support and belonging to the Women in Data community. WiD’s first NFT collection, Visionaries, features 2,500 unique pieces of artwork and was created by the community, for the community. It celebrates all of the bold and diverse women in data, and their vision for the future. The Visionaries are looking to the future with their heads high, courageously leading the way in data and technology.
Women in Data is planning to create a new NFT collection each year to represent one’s membership for that year, as well as provide tokens for educational accomplishments completed through WiD. WiD hopes this collection and future collections not only reflect and celebrate their diverse community, but also inspire more women to enter and explore web3.
About Women in Data
Women in Data (WiD) is a global nonprofit organization and community founded in 2015. Concerned about the prospect of gender equality in a data-driven future, the first chapter of WiD was launched with a mission to increase diversity in data careers. Today, WiD’s community includes 30,000 data enthusiasts of all backgrounds, located in more than 30 countries around the world, coming together to increase awareness, create opportunities and empower women in data careers.
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