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Bulloch Parks & Rec Awarded $107K Grant
New Interactive Tree Walk Along Blind Willie McTell Trail in Statesboro
After 1,001 Days in Bulloch Jail, Man’s Case Resolved with Misdemeanor Marijuana Plea
Mark your calendar: Open House is July 28; The first day of school is August 1
Follow the Money: Sen. Billy Hickman [July 2022]
Georgia Southern Enjoys Banner Year Of Community Service
GSU Researchers work with GPSTC to Revise Training Standards for State Public Safety Officials
Georgia Southern Adds Two More Non-Conference Games To Future Football Slate
Report: Economic Impact of Georgia Southern Tops 9,600 Jobs
2022 Georgia Southern Athletics Hall of Fame Class Announced
East Georgia State College drives local and state economy to the tune of $64 million a year
James W. Buckley Leadership Scholarship awarded to Faith Mincey
EGSC hosts ribbon cutting, open house at new Statesboro location
Carleigh DeFee crowned 2022 Miss East Georgia State College
Kennedy retires from EGSC
OTC Hosts Visitors From Youth Career Camp
Anonymous Donor Gifts OTC EAGLE Delegate
Ogeechee Tech Pins New Vet Techs
OTC Holds 2022 Commencement
Bob Mackey To Address Graduates At OTC Commencement
GDOT Asking for Public Input on Bridge Over I-16
New practice location to be led by experienced women’s care specialist
New Pedestrian Beacon Crosswalk in Guyton goes live July 21
Effingham Co. Jury Convicts One in 2017 Murder of Jamison Lemons
Kirby Named Chief Financial Officer at Memorial Health Meadows Hospital 
Kemp, General Carden Announce SK Battery America to Become ‘Work for Warriors’ Partner
Study says Georgia is one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians
Federal, state funding will help return Georgia river to its natural course
7 Rural Georgia Communities Rank Among Top Performing in Nation
Georgia experts blame federal government at least partly for state’s inflationary woes
Poll: 3 out of 4 middle class families are falling behind as prices rise
Poll: Americans’ confidence in media plummets to record low
Fiscal year through June: More than 2 million encounters at southern border
More than 60,000 Army soldiers losing pay, benefits over vaccine mandate
Judge orders discovery phase in social media collusion lawsuit against Biden administration
Study: Teen cannabis use rose, mental health declined in states with fewer legal restrictions
CDC study: Remote learning hurt kids’ mental health
Georgia DPH Moves to Weekly COVID-19 Data Reporting
With opioid deaths on the rise, group asks Biden to label fentanyl weapon of mass destruction
Federal Gov’t Settles with Kroger Over online COVID-19 vaccine registration accessibility
Statesboro Councilman Votes on $343K Contract Awarded to His Own Employer
Riggs Opposes Outsourcing City Building Inspector Job
Commissioners to Consider Cryptocurrency Mining Operation Prompting Concerns Over EMC Reliance
RUNDOWN: Statesboro City Council – 07/19/22
Proposed Subdivision Sparks Debate Over Urban Development, Misuse of Zoning Code Provisions
Federal appeals court rules that Georgia’s fetal heartbeat bill can take effect
Georgia Delegation Split on Bill Codifying Same-Sex Marriage
19 state AGs petition SCOTUS supporting lawsuit over altered deportation policy
Report says Georgia should legalize sports gambling
Georgia’s U.S. House Delegation Introduces Bill to Name Atlanta Regional VA Office After Fmr. Senator Isakson
Heightened Level of Openness for Board of Education Meetings Now Law in Georgia
Georgia Senate committee to examine oversight of local developmental authorities
Georgia commission will examine state’s civics education, make recommendations for improvements
Georgia Senate committees to study growth of electric vehicles statewide and HBCU expansion
Georgia House subcommittee to examine recruiting and retention challenges for state’s workforce
Georgia’s Cobb County school system allows employees, not teachers, to carry guns at school
Defund the police? Atlanta Police got more money, not less, after George Floyd’s death
Georgia Man Suing County Commission for Removing Him from Public Meeting
93-year-old Bulloch Resident Address Commissioners About High Taxes, Property Assessments
Atlanta Regional Commission to use $45M in federal funds for transit projects
Bulloch Co. Jail Booking & Incident Report – 07/20/22
SPD Issues Warrant in June Shooting
Bulloch Co. Jail Booking & Incident Report – 07/18/22
BCSO Investigating Homicide on Maria Sorrell Road
Bulloch Health & Restaurant Inspections – July 10-16, 2022
Stunt show coming to Statesboro this fall
Bulloch Students Among Those Named as 4-H State Ambassadors
Franklin Elected Chair of the Georgia Automobile Dealers
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Kemp Announces Appointment to Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit Superior Court
Ga Supreme Court Orders Public Reprimand of Judge Who Admonished Bondsman for Social Media Post
Judge Sentences Former Effingham Co. Jailer to 50 Years in Prison
Johnson Sentenced in Stabbing of Effingham Sheriff’s Deputy
Supreme Court Denies Presnell’s Habeas Appeal
Poll: Americans trust armed citizens more than law enforcement to protect them in mass shooting
Patriotic pups: How one 11-year-old’s idea led to a statewide and national movement
More sworn law enforcement officers in Atlanta, but arrests fall 65% from peak
Defund the police? Atlanta Police got more money, not less, after George Floyd’s death
No, Cops Don’t Have to Show You the Radar For Your Ticket to Be Legitimate
Bulloch County Commissioners will soon consider a conditional use application for a cryptocurrency mining operation in the south end of Bulloch County. The application has concerned residents who say the project, which will run on an Excelsior EMC substation line, will be subsidized by other customers in the long run, causing a spike in prices following a surge in use. 
The Georgia Transmission Corporation submitted a conditional use application to allow a commercial cryptocurrency mining operation at a property on Highway 119 North, a “rural-neighborhood area” under the Bulloch County Joint Comprehensive Plan. 
Public records indicate that the 5.46 acres at 5634 Highway 119 North is owned by Georgia Transmission Corporation out of Tucker, Ga.
The area is primarily rural residential and agricultural uses at adjacent and nearby properties with an EMC electrical utility substation already on property within the application. The closest fire station is in Stilson, approximately 5.6 miles away, and the Sheriff’s Office response time is listed at 25 minutes.
Georgia Transmission’s website lists the company as the “link” between state’s energy generators and local electric membership cooperatives (EMCs) to provide “reliable, affordable power to communities across Georgia.” 
As succinctly as it can be described, crypto mining is like other mining operations. Instead of metals, however, crypto seeks new coins by solving complex mathematical equations in the form of “cryptographic hashes – or data.” Cryptocurrency mining is also an automated process of validating transactions without the intervention of third parties like banks.
The practice has come under fire in recent years over concerns of carbon emissions and electronic waste. Experts say the annual electronic waste of crypto mining accounts for upwards of 36 kilotons annually. 
The operations also require significant amounts of energy, often from a variety of sources. In some instances, mining operations require more energy than some small countries. The tech website Digiconomist suggests electricity usage runs at 130.3 Terawatt-hours, and based on July 2022 numbers, converts to roughly 1455.8 kilowatt-hours of electricity per transaction, the same amount of power consumed by the average American household over 49.9 days.
The departmental review by Bulloch County employees found the following:
Staff recommended approval of the application, subject to several conditions, including:
The application went before the Bulloch County Planning & Zoning Commission on July 14. At that time, P&Z voted to 3-1 to approve the application.
It is expected that commissioners will take up the matter at the next evening meeting on August 2, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.
Reference: Application #USE-2022-00023
Jessica Szilagyi is Publisher of The Georgia Virtue. She focuses primarily on state and local politics as well as issues in law enforcement. She has a background in Political Science with a focus in local government and has a Master of Public Administration from the University of Georgia. Jessica is a “Like It Or Not” contributor for Fox5 in Atlanta, a commentator on the ‘Let Me Tell You Why You’re Wrong Podcast,’ and she has two blogs of her own: The Perspicacious Conservative and “Hair Blowers to Lawn Mowers.” Sign up for her weekly newsletter: http://eepurl.com/gzYAZT
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