July 19th – WINECHAIN, the NFT platform (wiNeFT is the official Winechain name for an NFT) connecting premium wine estates with new generations of wine enthusiasts around the world, has today announced the onboarding of a new shareholder. The Videlot company – headed by Jean Moueix – will be taking a minority stake in Winechain alongside its founders. This is yet another family from the wine world to join Winechain in this collaborative project empowering wine producers, due to launch towards the end of 2022.
Jean Moueix (Videlot) explained: “At Videlot we are fully convinced that the wine world will be definitively and positively impacted by Winechain. In the future, wiNeFTs will enable prestigious chateaux and wine estates to reach new consumers thanks to totally secure, blockchain-based technology.”
Nicolas Mendiharat (Winechain CEO) declared: “We are delighted that the Moueix family is joining the international community of winemakers and all those with a passion for wine who have helped us since the beginning of the year to put this wine-meets-technology project into action. Winechain creates access to rare wines, offers solid guarantees of authenticity and traceability, and the assurance that the wines will remain stored exclusively in our dedicated warehouse facilities until they are finally shipped. The global ambitions of this new generation, WINE + NFT marketplace are strengthened by the arrival of the Videlot Group.”
Winechain is the first independent NFT platform for fine wine estates. This wine-meets-technology project, designed to create direct links with new generations of wine consumers around the world, has already raised more than €1 million in backing from top international wine estates and others with a passion for fine wine. Thanks to this amazing response, the initiative launched in April 2022 by three experts – Xavier Garambois, former head of Amazon Europe, Guillaume Jourdan, CEO of VitaBella in Paris, and Nicolas Mendiharat, CEO of the San Francisco Palate Club – is planned to go live towards the end of 2022 with the issue of the first wiNeFT (the official Winechain name for an NFT). For contact details go to: www.winechain.co

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