Provocativo has unveiled a larger-than-life partnership with Major League Polo (MLP) that includes exclusive NFT opportunities through the ultra-luxurious Provocativo Platinum Club dropping in July 2022.
The sparkling wine brand and U.S. pro sports league have sparked innovation through a first-of-its-kind milestone for the NFT community with newly-released access to exclusive NFT content and VIP membership benefits, as well as announced Provocativo as the ‘Official Bubble’s Sponsor’ for the World Series of Polo’s 2023 season!
Ownership of the coveted Provocativo NFTs includes extended benefits to physical product and worldwide membership access to the Provocativo Platinum Club. Members of the Provocativo Platinum Club will have advantages that stretch across the world’s most celebrated industries: celebrity, travel, fine dining, concerts, events, sports and premium spirits just to name a few!
Getting behind this velvet rope may include once-in-a-lifetime promotions, members-only events, vacation properties, concerts, meet and greets, movie releases and sporting events, along with many other benefits.
Provocativo, led by CEO Hans Christian Holst, sees their product as an experience that goes far beyond popping bottles. Since its release in 2021, the brand has been seen at some of the world’s most highly regarded events and venues, the most recent being the Cannes Film Festival 2022 and the upcoming Palma Superyacht Cup. The brand’s rapid growth in popularity is largely due to its over-the-top style of celebrations, which is something the world has been missing since 2020.
In early 2021, Holst and Kimberly Casey Carr, President and CEO of Major League Polo, started a conversation around building a first-to-market NFT program, combined with a membership program that provides exclusive access to benefits through Provocativo NFT ownership. The now official partnership is a result of two industry innovators and pioneers connecting to produce something monumental.
“We are so proud and excited to have this unique and award-winning brand represent us at the polo grounds for our season,” said Kimberly Casey Carr. “Provocativo is the perfect partner for Polo, from the look of the brand to the bubbles in the bottle!” 
Kimberly Casey Carr’s success with her unprecedented NFL, NBA, and Polo exclusive NFT launches is what inspired the collaboration with MLP’s exclusive alcohol brand NFT partner, Provocativo. 
While built around one of the world’s most prestigious and oldest-known team sports, MLP has continued to be on the cutting edge of sports tech integration and innovation. In 2020, MLP was the first sports league in the U.S. to announce the incorporation of eSports into its 16 new polo stadium eSports initiative. Shortly following this landmark achievement, Kimberly Casey Carr initiated the latest of her revolutionizing concepts: the creation of MLP’s Unique Digital Assets, including NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens). 
Provocativo and Major League Polo Announce NFT Opportunity That Transcends the TypicalThis is an NFT opportunity that transcends the typical. With innovation being at the forefront of MLP, the partnership with Provocativo will transform the physical asset into the unique digital asset for an exclusive NFT experience rooted in luxury and the avant garde.  
To get access to the exclusive wait list and first access to a one-of-a-kind drop that includes membership into the Provocativo Platinum Club, get added to the waitlist here.
Additional information on The Provocativo Platinum Club, and the partnership between Provocativo and Major League Polo can be found here!
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