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Entropia Universe, the 3D online virtual environment MMO that arguably solidified what a real money transaction economy could look like has just announced a collaboration with popular NFT platform Enjin. The move diversifies the ways in which Entropia will handle their real money ecosystem.
Entropia Universe developer MindArk has long been known for the way they’ve handled digital ownership and their real money economy. In fact, there are many out there that made the case that Entropia itself was a prime example that blockchain wasn’t necessary to make NFT’s possible. While that statement may hold true, according to MindArk’s latest blog, the team has been able to notice some advantages and benefits of blockchain integration, at least in parts of their business. This isn’t the first time MindArk jumped into the blockchain space either, touting their DeepToken currency back in 2018, and refunding those that participated in the ICO not long after the sale went live. They’ve also recently introduced a new method to deposit crypto currency through Utrust. 

MindArk is pleased to introduce #utrust as a new deposit method for #EntropiaUniverse. #crypto currencies through utrust are now available to be used as a regular deposit method.#Metaverse #MMORPG #MMORead more:
However, the reach of metaverse applications and play-to-earn (which is quickly transforming into play and earn) has influenced MindArk into branching out to new audiences:
MindArk’s management team has determined that many of the recent gaming-related announcements in the blockchain space bear a lot of similarities to the experience that Entropia Universe has offered for nearly two decades, and thus large-scale integration of such technologies would not add significant value to the virtual universe experience.
There are, however, opportunities for targeted partnerships and system integrations which could extend the reach of Entropia Universe to new audiences, specifically enthusiasts of the “metaverse” and “play-to-earn” concepts that have received a lot of media attention recently. As such, MindArk has begun a collaboration with Enjin to release five unique eggs as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the ERC-20 Ethereum network via the beta launch of their new project,
-MindArk, Entropia Universe Article
The new NFT’s, known as Eggs of Entropia will have several benefits to those that obtain them. By owning an Egg you will get:
Entropia affirms that any NFT they release will be built upon one founding principle, it must have utility. Due to this inherent requirement, Entropia intends to dissuade speculation and investors from attempting to bid on these eggs, as they head into auction in August. The team is also banking on the release of Enjin’s new Efinity blockchain that is being built specifically for digital assets like gaming NFT’s. As a Polkadot parachain, NFT’s and transfer fees will be minuscule in comparison to current transactions run on Ethereum. It will also provide additional transactions per second in comparison to Ethereums abysmal 15.

Since 2003, @EntropiaNews has been pioneering player ownership over MMO economies.Wanna know a secret? ?? It never stopped!We’re teaming up to launch Eggs of Entropia ???? Utility assets found only on
Whether MindArk will continue down the blockchain rabbit hole or if this collaboration will simply be a one-off attempt, it will probably come down to how popular the release of the Eggs of Entropia are during the auction. With an exceptionally volatile Crypto market that has left many tokens in freefall, it’s hard to say at this point how popular this collection will be when August rolls around. We’ll keep an eye out for more information when the auction goes live.
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