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Not a single industry is safe from these parasites. From small investors investing minor amounts to great ecosystems like Axie Infinity, these crawlers somehow find a way in. This time, they targeted Deekay’s Twitter account, a renowned NFT artist.  Deekay Twitter hack eventually resulted in drainage of $150,000 worth of Non-Fungible Tokens.
The attackers issued some phishing links for the followers to approve illicit transactions. Link led his followers to a fake website, where they signed and approved the transactions. The site contained false information. It convinced users that the NFT artist is going to launch his next digital collection “The LetsWalk Collection.”

Be Safe.
DeeKay’s twitter is hacked. pic.twitter.com/qpZtlHF8UR
A user who goes by the name Sean confirmed that the account was attacked. The link hackers issued redirected users to a website, almost replicating the official frontend of Deekay. There was an option to claim the NFTs, but it was, in fact, an approval button disguised under the click-bait button. They ultimately opened the gate for their wallets for the parasites.
Around 5 hours after the Deekay Twitter hack, he commented on the event, stating that he got the account back, apologized for the mishap, and thanked everyone who made others aware of the attack. The artist further added that, ‘He panicked for hours because of the incident. He also put forward the idea for victims to comment on the post to interact and find a solution.
As per the on-chain data, hackers bagged 65 NFTs in the Deekay Twitter hack from multiple followers before the account retrieval. It appears like NFTs worth $91,000 were sold already, and the acquired Ethereum were moved to another digital wallet. There are still around 50 NFTs worth about $52,000 left in that wallet.
As per a victim of this attack, he lost 3 Azuki NFTs and 4 Cool Cats. Phishing hacks are escalating day by day. In a recent attack, a malicious attacker sniped Uniswap LPs drained around $8.6 Million in cryptocurrency.
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