With 4,444 Blocksmith Labs NFTs and only 71 listed, the collection has become one of the most sought after blue chip collections on Solana.
Since its launch on March 24, 2022, at a mint price of 2.2 SOL, the Blocksmith Labs NFT collection skyrocketed in price and volume. To date, the floor price of BSL is 57.50 SOL on Magic Eden, having achieved a total volume of 233,122.57 SOL. As speculative NFTs get weeded out during this bear market, projects like Blocksmith Labs that continuously deliver value to holders will remain.
Aside from that, users can also expect to receive notifications for whitelists, raffles, and auctions on Mercury given the recent integration with Dialect.
Blocksmith Labs is integrating @saydialect to power notifications for Mercury users.
With this integration, Mercury users can receive notifications for whitelists, raffles, and auctions on any channel you want: email, SMS, telegram, or even directly to your Solana wallet. pic.twitter.com/Rlkl7nBn7j
— Blocksmith Labs 🔥 ⚒️ (SHFT) (@BlocksmithLabs) July 8, 2022

It is clear that Blocksmith Labs has delivered immeasurable utility to their holders. The latest launch, Bifrost, is just not just a value add to the community but also serves as an additional income stream to the project as well. This continues to result in a virtuous cycle where the team returns the value to holders. In the long term, as more adoption and projects get onboarded, the collection would definitely see greater demand.
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