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We take a look at China’s international projects and what they mean for the rest of the world. China is investing in and developing projects across the world – how are those moving forward and are they on course to deliver China’s goal of becoming the primary global power by 2049.
Texas Power Grid Flirts With Record as Heat Bakes State
Footwear Industry Pulls Back on Hiring as Weaker US Sales Expected
Apple’s Cook Takes Ride in Rivian Electric Pickup at Sun Valley
Musk-Twitter Buyout Fight Poses Question of Who Might Sue First
Tegna Deal Won’t Lead to Newsroom Job Cuts, Standard General Tells FCC
Hungary Forms Border-Ranger Unit as Orban Warns of Refugee Wave
Biden Says No Decision Made on Rolling Back China Import Tariffs
Top Places to Move if You’re Single and Why It’s Not NYC
‘Ape Now, Pay Later’ Loans Bring BNPL to the NFT Market
Beyond Buffets And Slots: Casinos Double Down on Fine Art
Review: Metric Rocks Out Existentially in ‘Formentera’
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How ‘Minions’ Became a Gen Z TikTok Storm
The Fuel Thefts That AMLO Tried to End Are Getting Worse Again
The US Industrial Complex Is Starting to Buckle From High Power Costs
Putin’s War Threatens Europe’s Ambitious Climate Goals
Why Men as Young as 23 Are Choosing Vasectomies in Post-Roe America
Las Vegas Raiders Hire the First Black Female President in NFL History
Musk Says He’ll Boost Child-Care Benefits at His Companies Significantly
Amazon Deforestation Hits Record High in New Blow to Bolsonaro
Floods Leave 13 People Dead At Hindu Pilgrimage in Kashmir
Salt Lake City Confronts a Future Without a Lake
San Francisco Mayor Names Boudin Critic Brooke Jenkins as New DA
Hong Kong’s Nearly Empty Airport Gets $18 Billion Expansion
Voyager Judge Gets a Lesson in Crypto as Bankruptcy Case Kicks Off
Voyager, Celsius Implosions Spur Expanded Texas, Alabama Investigations
‘Ape Now, Pay Later’ Loans Bring BNPL to the NFT Market
India’s approach to regulating digital assets is to tax it. It’s a proposal other countries are watching with interest.
India is a fast-growing market for crypto trading, something its government isn’t too keen about.

It feels like every country in the world is figuring out how they want to regulate crypto — or if they’ll even allow it to exist at all.  India is seen as one of the fastest-growing markets for crypto trading, something its government isn’t too keen about. Bloomberg reporter Sidhartha Shukla joins me today to discuss India’s complicated history of crypto regulation, why they’re turning to taxes to curb speculation on the asset classes, and the potential lessons for other countries.
Regulation Through Taxation in India …


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