74% of platform’s trading strategies generate profits or outperform simply hodling.
PARIS, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / July 5, 2022 / Despite the crypto bear market, automated crypto trading strategies building platform Kryll.io has just broken past 100,000 registered users and challenges the ethos of “hodling” as its strategies outperform the market.
In a down market like we’ve seen in recent months, most crypto traders wind up losing funds. However, Kryll offers traders an edge that could help turn the tables. According to recently compiled data, most Kryll traders are outperforming retail traders. Seventy-four percent of Kryll.io’s strategies have either been profitable, or outperformed simply hodling.
Kryll makes this possible through its large community of strategy publishers who have automated some of the best crypto trading strategies on the platform. Kryll’s trading bots are used, reviewed, and commented on by the Kryllian community, who advise users on which strategies work with which pairs and provide insights into market conditions.
It has an expanding international team, and has been in talks with partnering with some of the biggest names in crypto. Recently, Kryll has been expanding into providing its automation service to traditional finance players as well as integrating into decentralized exchanges.
The Kryll platform allows users to safely connect their exchange accounts through an API from one place in order to manage their trades more efficiently, without taking custody of the users’ funds. Kryll users no longer have to spend time connecting separately to Coinbase, FTX, Binance, Kucoin and so on to manage trades, instead they can do it securely from one place. Once Kryll integrates with traditional finance and Web3 DEX’s, it will become a secure, one-stop-shop for trading and managing funds.
Kryll’s recently-released Marketplace V2 allows users to find and filter through hundreds of trading bots based on their risk profile, profitability, investment horizon and trading history. Users can then choose a bot whose trades they wish to copy and then easily automate their portfolios. Kryll offers options and day-trading strategies designed for both crypto newbies and pro traders who are looking for an edge.
The platform has been actively adopted and integrated by some of the largest exchanges in the industry. Its popularity is due in part to its ability to maximize trading volume through automation, offering consistency and peace of mind to traders.
About Kryll.io
Since launching its ICO in 2018, Kryll.io has seen more than $4 billion traded using automated strategies available on its platform. Users have nearly 300 verified strategies to copy trades from, and the platform recently surpassed 100,000 registered users. Kryll offers a professional marketplace and a community of experienced traders who are ready to offer their insights about individual investments and market conditions as a whole. According to recent internal research, 74% of Kryll.io’s trading strategies either generated profits or outperformed simply hodling, even in the recent crypto bear market.

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