iLogos Kyiv office, January 2022
KYIV, Ukraine (PRWEB) June 30, 2022
With over 16 years of experience in game development, iLogos is launching a new NFT game development division – iLogos Meta. This division works as an external development partner to NFT/Blockchain game developers and publishers.
The primary focus is game design, development, art production, live operations, breeding games, and tokenomics. And it helps the metaverse makers hit the time to market, stay engaging for the community, and be attractive to partners.
Alexander Goldybin, Founder at iLogos, says: “We have all necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to create compelling Web3 and Metaverse products, and see a huge potential in this rapidly growing market”.
The company has already succeeded in partnering with Rumble Kong League – an innovative web3 basketball simulator with a unique ecosystem for sports fans.
Also, iLogos became a partner for Tiny Colony – a pixelated metaverse where players can build ant colonies, establish massive alliances with other players, and earn their NFTs.
About iLogos
iLogos Game Studios is a global gaming solution provider, established in Ukraine. Since 2007, the company has finished 458 projects and worked with indies and giants like Sony, EA, Wargaming, and Warner Brothers. They have become a partner of choice for more than 100 clients, including Disney, Rovio, Nekki, Zynga, etc.
More details here https://ilogos.biz
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