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June 21, 2022 by
Cloudflare, a major internet infrastructure provider, recently encountered extensive issues, causing several crypto exchanges to go down.
The content delivery network (CDN) revealed in a Tuesday update that it is experiencing problems with its services and network and that a remedy is in the works. However, the company has yet to explain what went wrong, resulting in the suspension of services throughout the world.
The Cloudflare team is aware of the current service issues and is working to resolve as quickly as possible. Updates can be followed here.
FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, announced on Twitter that many individuals would have difficulty accessing its platform and other sites, alleging that the exchange is currently in “post-only” mode. Bitfinex and OKEx, two cryptocurrency exchanges, also tweeted about the problem, with the latter inquiring whether there would be a Web3 option in the future.
Cloudflare, which went public around three years ago, provides businesses with a web network infrastructure that allows them to publish their content online. Security services, such as distributed denial of service protection, are also provided by the infrastructure (DDOS).
Binance seems to be unaffected, and one user asked CZ, “Why are all exchanges down except yours?” For this, CZ replied:
Not perfect, CMC is affected. 😂
This isn’t the only time a Cloudfare disruption has reverberated across the cryptocurrency community. A similar disruption pulled Bitfinex, Coinbase, and other big websites to a stop in August 2020.
Aside from crypto exchanges, additional sites and applications with 500 internal server errors are now unavailable, including Indian brokerages Zerodha and Upstox, as well as messaging platform Discord.
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