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By Mara Siegler

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June 15, 2022 | 8:00pm
What could go wrong?
Socialite scammer Anna Delvey has been trying to go straight with a legitimate career as an artiste. But now Page Six hears the con is getting into the sometimes shady NFT game.
But instead of sell art — which is the typical application — she’s selling herself.
People who buy her NFTs will get one-on-one calls with Delvey, her sketches and even “personal items from her time in prison.”
(While NFTs, which standing for Non-fungible tokens, have plenty of cheerleaders, Bill Gates said this week that “at its heart,” it has “this anonymity through which you can avoid taxation, any sort of government rules.”)
We’ve been getting half-baked pitches about the project, titled “Reinventing Anna,” since April, so we were skeptical about its existence. But Delvey assured us via email Wednesday from the Orange County Correctional Facility, “We actually just released the project today, so it’s on.”
A website explaining the project is up with a quote from Delvey saying, “In this new chapter of my journey I’m hoping to use my voice for a positive (and legal) cause.” 
An FAQ section ominously warns people, “NFT scams are EVERYWHERE these days. Stay wary on minting sites, Discord and Twitter of anyone asking you to send/receive/post information that might compromise your wallet. Stay safe out there, have fun and good luck!” 
Those that choose to take a chance on an NFT are being promised “access to Anna” (quotes theirs) “via exclusive live streams and other online and metaverse events.”
A press release sent to Page Six also promises that, “A select group of top holders will have access to coveted personal items from her time in prison and personal sketches drawn by Anna herself.”
Those who get the “gold edition,” “will grant holders the privilage [sic] of a one-on-one call with Anna, and three ultra rare platinum edition NFT holders will get the opportunity to meet Anna in-person, as well as receive a package of personal items.”
It is unclear where the meet-and-greet would take place and just what the personal items up for grabs will be. A used comb? A disposable razor? An autographed shiv?
A rep previously told us Delvey “can self-deport now to whatever country she is able to go to, but chooses to stay here to fight her conviction and deportation.” 
Delvey was previously part of a group show and held a solo show of original sketches. An artist involved in the group event recently told the NY Post she is owed $8,000 from the show.
Delvey was was convicted of scamming about $200,000 from banks and luxury hotels, while also trying to obtain a $22 million loan to start an elite art club. 
She sold her life rights to Netflix for $320,000 for the platform’s hit “Inventing Anna.”
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