A few showers and thunderstorms early, otherwise mostly cloudy with some breaks of hazy sun. More humid with another gusty t-storm possible towards evening..
Mostly cloudy and muggy with a few showers and thunderstorms, especially in the evening. A gusty thunderstorm is possible.
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NFT Battle Miners, the innovative startup behind the play-to-earn (P2E) game NBM on WAX blockchain, is teaming up with AIKON to integrate ORE ID, the seamless Web3 onboarding solution, ensuring that gamers never have to leave the experience of their P2E game to make transactions.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — AIKON, the startup accelerating a Web3 future with easy-to-use blockchain and crypto solutions, is excited to announce their newest partner, NFT Battle Miners (NBM) — the innovative startup behind the play-to-earn (P2E) game, NBM, on WAX blockchain! NBM is teaming up with AIKON to integrate ORE ID, the seamless Web3 onboarding and wallet creation solution, ensuring that gamers never have to leave the experience of the P2E game to make transactions.
“The future standard of gaming is GameFi. For GameFi to become a future we need to achieve mass adoption of blockchain technology. NFT Battle Miners partnering with AIKON to utilize their ORE ID solution will fast forward mass adoption by enabling easy access for users without a blockchain background,” explains NBM CEO and Co-Founder, Karlo Turk.
“We’re on a mission to accelerate mass adoption of blockchain technology through simple and secure solutions. Partnering with NFT Battle Miners is the latest milestone to achieving this. Their use of ORE ID solidifies AIKON’s positioning in the gaming industry and we are excited about what the future holds for users,” says AIKON CEO and ORE Core Contributor, Marc Blinder.
Gaming Is the Path to Blockchain Adoption
A rise in popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the metaverse are opening new opportunities for players to own their in-game assets. Through blockchain technology, players could even port these assets between different games, creating new opportunities of value for the industry.
However, blockchain is still complex to understand, has scalability issues, and is challenging to quickly learn for gaming developers who have little expertise in blockchain. This leaves gamers with a broken, and often messy and slow gaming experience.
The NBM and AIKON partnership is a game-changer.
ORE ID provides developers with a simple, secure and customizable UX process for built-in blockchain transactions — without ever needing to redirect the end-user for transaction signing. ORE ID allows both businesses and consumers to manage their own keys across any blockchain with a simple authorization and wallet creation experience using everyday logins like GMail, Facebook, SMS and more.
The ORE ID integration will allow NBM to provide a new level of play-to-earn experience to the gaming industry with a traditional gaming experience leveraging seamless blockchain wallet creation.
Just the Beginning
NBM has a collection of NFT cards that are used for mining tokens including Fusium, Minium, Actium and Constructium, WAX, NBM NFTs and Partnership pool NFTs. Cards are also needed for player versus player (PVP) battles and future NBM metaverse experiences. ORE ID will be the universal Web3 onboarding experience for this future.
NFT Battle Miner joins AIKON’s growing list of leading gaming partners using ORE ID including RedFOX Labs and liquiid. This announcement follows the latest news that NFT space experience startup, Exotopia is also integrating ORE ID. These new partnerships are poised to accelerate ORE ID’s exponential growth, following the recent milestone of 200K+ wallets created.
Together with NBM, AIKON is accelerating the future of Web3. Interested in getting started with AIKON’s solutions? Contact us today!
Blockchain and crypto are technologically complex. AIKON makes it simple. We’ve built a suite of intuitive products built on the ORE Network ($ORE) for enterprise companies looking to provide a seamless user experience that works cross-chain with Algorand, Ethereum, EOS and more.
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