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The play-to-earn crypto concept is expanding beyond online games, with exchanges rewarding you for learning about certain coins and applications rewarding you for remaining active. In a field crowded with loud and fast-moving participants, crypto projects are frequently focused with new strategies to promote themselves. One method is to reward users with tokens in exchange for learning, playing, or simply wandering about.
You don’t have to buy or mine cryptocurrency to get some coins these days, but you do have to provide something in exchange, which is usually your time or attention. In other circumstances, you will still need to pay a one-time flat sum to begin earning money from your actions over time. The question of whether these projects can be sustained in the long run remains unanswered.
Learn-to-earn refers to the concept of being rewarded with tokens simply for learning about crypto, usually in the form of some of the tokens you just learnt about. The companies behind the platform and the people behind the cryptocurrency both have a vested interest in the outcome. The learning platform (today, most commonly an exchange) wants you to do it on theirs. As soon as you understand what’s going on, you’ll be more likely to engage with them. They’re competing to get people to visit their platform.
In an increasingly competitive market, the tokens are vying for market share. They have a chance to grab attention from 18,000 other cryptos and educate you on the why and how of their project by teaching you and getting you invested in their initiatives by making you investors (even in little amounts).
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This type of incentive is offered by a few well-known crypto companies, including some of the larger centralized exchanges. You watch animated movies or read an article on Coinbase Earn, then take tests to see if you were paying attention. For correctly completing the quizzes, you will receive crypto incentives transferred into your account, as well as a little amount of the specific crypto you just learnt about. The benefits aren’t going to be worth it.
You must already have a Binance account to participate in Binance Learn. As a result, this serves as a benefit or incentive for having a Binance account. You watch videos and take tests on what you’ve learned, much like on Coinbase. On Binance, on the other hand, you are given a ticket for crypto tokens that you must redeem yourself. But beware: it’s only good for 14 days. If you’re new to crypto and have elected to stick with the sense of security provided by a huge centralized exchange, you might not care which one you use at first. Learn-to-earn features are one way they can set themselves out from the competition.
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