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It is known that digital tokens have two key characteristics: they serve as a medium of exchange and a means of accumulation. These characteristics influenced the adoption of new technology by different generations. If the older generation is more inclined toward long-term investments, they consider digital tokens to save money; the younger generation prefers to evaluate the liquidity of these tokens and the possibility of using them for a transaction.
Most young investors are confident that cryptocurrencies will make them millionaires. According to a survey conducted among 1030 US residents over 18 years old, 60% of zoomers (Generation Z) expect to become millionaires thanks to investments in cryptocurrencies. According to experts, young people are becoming more interested in crypto and rejecting traditional finance amid rising inflation and rising prices for real estate and education.
The interest and confidence of zoomers in cryptocurrency are not surprising – this generation more readily accepts and perceives everything digital. They believe that all financial affairs are more difficult for them than for previous generations. Combine this attitude with a greater appetite for risk and understand why they hope to get rich quickly through cryptocurrencies or the new boom of recent years – NFT.
Due to its decentralized nature and accessibility, cryptocurrency is a more attractive option for the younger generation. They will use innovative technologies, cryptocurrencies, and other innovations and conveniences of the digital world. It is not yet a full-fledged investor but is already present in the financial ecosystem.
Future analysts will look to the early 2020s as the final break from the past in many ways. Since 2000, when Napster lost the historic Internet piracy and copyright infringement case, global entertainment markets have struggled to decide how to value digital products. While the physical vinyl or CD has a natural scarcity associated with its material form, in theory, digital products can be copied indefinitely. NFT provides one alternative solution that can empower artists.
What NFT offers is a viable alternative. Thanks to blockchain technology, they can retain their uniqueness and value despite their digital form. In recent years, many celebrities have jumped into the industry and started releasing personal NFTs: songs, paintings, etc. 
Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, while a "non-fungible token" (NFT) is a way of owning an original digital image, touted as a digital answer to collectibles. NFTs represent the first time digital art can be appreciated in the traditional sense in the art world. Famous digital artist Beeple sold his entire digital art library as an NFT for $69 million to a collector, which quickly made him one of the most valuable artists in the world.
As commerce increasingly focuses on Generation Z, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, in general, seem to be a perfect fit for their interests and spending habits. Many expect to see massive crypto growth as we move into the next decade.
It is worth noting that cryptocurrency mining, namely cloud mining, is prevalent among zoomers. It is a new mining model that has been developed, taking into account the current market situation and user needs. In simple words, an investor rents power from an online mining farm, paying for a contract on the Internet. All work falls on the shoulders of professionals: maintenance and care of equipment, configuration, selection of equipment, etc. Moreover, cloud mining is most often eco-friendly, which, fortunately, is very welcome by the younger generation. 
In 2022, everyone is trying to save their time and spend only on the most important things. Therefore, it is not surprising that cloud mining is so popular among crypto enthusiasts. Today, it is one of the best ways for passive income with minimal cost of the primary resource – time.
One of the most famous representatives of Cloud Mining is GreenHashes. They are reportedly one of the first who began to mine cryptocurrency in an environmentally friendly way. Renewable energy sources: sun, water, and wind help to increase the capacity of the mining farm, which is an indisputable advantage for everyone who rents power from these guys. A large selection of contracts allows everyone, both beginners and professionals, to try cloud mining and add it to their arsenal of passive income. All you need is to visit their website and get familiar with the offers.
The platform also provides an opportunity to purchase packages at a discount in connection with the purchase of new equipment. With the gradual introduction of new equipment into the system, activation will occur automatically within 2 weeks.
Due to the large amount of equipment, the company has decided to gradually introduce the system, in this regard, you can purchase the desired package at a discount today!
This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.
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