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Leah McSweeney grew up amid the downtown Manhattan scene that straddled the worlds of streetwear, graffiti and hip-hop. She loved the lifestyle but realized it didn’t serve women like her. So she launched her own brand, Married to the Mob, and over the next decade and a half would find herself a key player at the edge of New York cool. Since then, she’s transitioned into a reality television star, but now says she wants to double down on her brand with a new athleisure line.
UK Shoppers Face Worse Cost-of-Living Hit Than Europeans, Says Poundland Owner
Yen at 150 May Risk Rerun of Asia Financial Crisis, O’Neill Says
Goldman-Backed Beauty Startup Becomes India’s Newest Unicorn
Meta Halts Development of Apple Watch Rival With Two Cameras
Apple Will Handle Lending Itself With New Pay Later Service
Thailand Ready to Scrap Last of Pandemic-Era Curbs on Tourists
Erdogan Criticises US Bases in Greece Ahead of Military Exercise
Manhattan Apartments Hit $4,000 Median — and It’s Going to Get Worse
Paul Pogba Transfers His Sporting Riches to Startup Pitches
Australian Private Chef Service Eyes Sleepy US Dinner Parties
Celtics Beat Warriors 116-100, Take 2-1 Lead in NBA Finals
We’ll Need Sanctions and Stamina to Defeat Putin
Watch for Waves From Europe’s Evolving Inflation Shock
A $450 Billion Opportunity to Loosen Putin’s Energy Grip
Soaring Oil Prices Force Biden to Engage With Saudis He’d Spurned
The Formula Crisis Takes an Economic Toll on Families in Gas Money and Wasted Hours
The IRS Is Coming for Your Venmo Income
JPMorgan’s $175 Million CLO Packaged Pain Into Profit
Judge Dismisses Labor Board Bid for Injunction Against Starbucks Over Alleged Union-Busting
Guns, Abortion and Race Heat Up Company Annual Meetings
Cleaning Up Airline Travel Is Going to Be Really Expensive
China’s Carbon Market Faces New Delays on Data Collection
When Two Towers Are Better Than One
Baltimore Looks to Expand Internet Access by Building Its Own Network
Paris’s Iconic Wallace Fountains Get a Second Life
Do Celebrities Have a Responsibility to Fans When Backing an NFT?
Invest in Crypto Ecosystem, Just Not the Coins, PGIM COO Says
 Ethereum Moves Closer to Blockchain Revamp After Milestone Test
Pop Icons like Justin Bieber and Madonna have bought and promoted NFTs. They’re not obliged to disclose the financial terms of their endorsements.

Did you know that both Madonna and Justin Bieber own expensive digital images of apes? It’s true: Bored Apes and other nonfungible tokens are a must-have celebrity accessory these days. But should you put your trust in movie stars, pop singers and athletes when it comes to crypto? What are some of the legal questions at play with these celebrity endorsements? Bloomberg reporter Misy Egkolfopoulou stops in for a look at what's behind the buzz with celebrities’ interest in crypto investments.
Celebrities and NFTs – Bloomberg Cryp…


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