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A 10-year-old boy’s local lemonade business attracts some big corporate support. Then there’s Nia the Loc God, a 21-year-old who started her own haircare enterprise, including a salon and a burgeoning product line, becoming a millionaire CEO in the process. Finally, meet the guy who goes from Major League ballpark to ballpark, catching more baseballs than anyone else.
Australia Set for Back-to-Back Rate Hikes Amid Split Over Size
Bitcoin Miners Are Selling Tokens as Prices Linger Near Lows
Johnson Braced for Tory Rebels to Force Confidence Vote in Days
US Senators Say Gun Talks Inching Forward But Outcome Unclear
Former Trader Turns High School Math Team Into Wall Street Pipeline
Boring is Better for Top-Performing 401(k) Retirement Funds
‘Top Gun’ Stays Aloft With $86M in Its 2nd Weekend
Foot Pain Leaves French Open Champ Nadal’s Future Uncertain
After 100 Days of War, More Questions Than Answers
Dust Off That Dirty Word Detente and Engage With China
Joe Manchin Was Right, and Democrats Should Admit It
Oz Won by Ditching the Oprahverse for Trump and Planet Hannity
Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ Missed What Most Women Needed
NRA Lobbying Curbs Research That Can Prevent Gun Violence Deaths
3 Dead, 11 Wounded in Downtown Philadelphia Shooting
Activision Retaliated Against Staff, Union Complaint Claims
McDonald’s Franchise to Face Trial in Teen’s Sex Harassment Suit
Greek Firefighters Battle Blaze Near Athens for Second Day
Lightning, Hail, Floods Lash France, Leaving 1 Dead, Damage
Discovering a New City, One Space Invader at a Time
The New LaGuardia Is Haunted by the Mistakes of its Past
LA Crime Targeting Rich Shifts Mayor Race to Billionaire Caruso
Bitcoin Miners Are Selling Tokens as Prices Linger Near Lows
Tron Modifies USDD Stablecoin to Avoid Woes of TerraUSD
Lunatics See Meager Gains Since Relaunch of Failed Crypto Token

Terra’s new Luna token is taking holders on a wild ride just days after being distributed to investors who saw the value of their cryptocurrencies tied to the failed blockchain destroyed.
Various trading platforms showed differing prices after the tokens were awarded on Saturday in what’s referred to in the crypto industry as an airdrop. Kraken data show that the price opened at around $17, and swung between $30 and $4.80. OKX listed an opening price of $1, with extremes of $20 and $5. Luna 2.0, as the new token is known, was up about 30% to around $9 on Tuesday, according to pricing data from from TradingView and Kraken.   


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