TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – One of the newest growing trends cyber world has finally made its way to Tallahassee. NFT’s, also known as Non Fungible Tokens, are a growing commodity and local custom shoe company The Canvas Project is launching their first NFT.
The group is collaborating with local influencers and organizations to bring the community in on it.
If you asked people what an NFT was six months ago, most wouldn’t be sure what to tell you. But The Canvas Project founder Jim Sherwood says it comes in different art forms.
“It’s a digital asset and it can be an audio file like a song, it could be a video file, it can be a jpeg and it’s a series of things that an NFT can actually be,” explained Sherwood.
This past week, Sherwood and The Canvas Project launched their first NFT in the form of Ozzy the alien, a hallmark for the business and something he hopes sparks more interest.
“What’s cool is, having an Ozzy the alien allows you to get special apparel that is specifically tailored to your NFT color wise,” said Sherwood. “It will be numbered because all the NFT’s are numbered, and you will also receive custom sneakers within the NFT. And all these things will come with the NFT.”
Teaming up with Sherwood is Ruvos and Launch Tally CEO Eddie Gonzalez Loumiet and he says this platform can be used in a variety of ways.
“You know the block chain technology and what we are talking about here is not only necessarily about art as Jim mentioned but it could be used in healthcare, it could be used in banking, and it could be used in other industries,” shared Gonzalez Loumiet. “And so this is a great way to get your feet wet and to learn about what folks in other major cities may be talking about but there’s no reason we can’t talk about it here in the 850.”
Also joining in on the movement is FSU basketball legend and current Utah Jazz guard Trent Forrest who says this opportunity is something he didn’t want to miss out on.
“Seeing the creativity that people are using to come up with these NFT’s makes it feel kind of interesting and hearing more about is kind of what got me into it,” said Forrest.
All of those a part of this NFT group become a part of an exclusive community hoping to share a creative space.
“Through this kind of different dynamic of people we can do things as a whole or as a group throughout everyone who owns these NFT’s or we can connect and do things individually or three people might get together,” expressed Sherwood. “It’s cool because it’s an opportunity to connect you know with people you might not necessarily be able to connect with.”
Forrest says he’s hopeful many more folks look to follow the trend.
I just want people back in my area back home and in Tallahassee to see this is something that’s growing and getting bigger and bigger,” shared Forrest.
A craze the group says will take off whether you’re on board or not.
Sherwood says that while the current launch is almost sold out, people can look out for their social media on Twitter and Instagram to find out when they can take advantage of the next launch and you can also check out Launch Tally to find out the most up to date information in the tech community locally.
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