31 May – Winechain has today announced the launch of its independent NFT platform for fine wine estates. A wine-meets-technology project designed to create direct links with new generations of wine consumers around the world, this marketplace has already raised more than $1 million in backing from prestigious wine estates and other wine lovers.
Launched in April, the initiative is the work of three founders:
Given the amazing traction in the recent weeks, Winechain plans to go live by end of 2022 with the issue of the first wiNeFT (the official Winechain name for an NFT).’
Xavier Garambois explains:
“The Winechain project was made possible thanks to a new way of generating interest and building a community around a common project. Winechain is the “new generation” marketplace of wiNeFTs that uses blockchain technology and Web3, both destined to become essential, revolutionary tools for big names in wine. We have prioritized the needs of wine estates, the creation of an NFT platform, and the establishment of global logistics operations, in order to be able to offer a high-quality platform for winemakers and wine-lovers, starting late 2022.”
Winechain’s goal is to build dynamic and interactive relations between prestigious estates and demanding consumers with a passion for wine.
On the platform, Winechain customers will be able to access rare wines, firm guarantees of authenticity and traceability, and the assurance that the wines will remain stored in Winechain’s dedicated warehouse facilities until they are shipped. They will also be able to manage their personal cellar, to sell on Winechain certain wiNeFTs if they wish, and to actively participate in the life of the community.
For their part, participating winemakers can choose which wines (vintage, quantity, and price) they wish to sell on Winechain, while accessing Winechain’s global community will help building a new direct-to-consumer distribution channel, giving them free rein to interact with their community of buyers anywhere in the world.

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