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May 30, 2022, 11:30 ET
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SpartaCats Meme Coin Project Launches Bounty Program and Disposes Its Native PURR Token on Two Major DEXs
LONDON, May 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SpartaCats brings a new era to meme coin mentalists worldwide: the era of cats. For too long now, dogs have occupied the meme coin market, and cats are going to fight them.
SpartaCats, a meme coin project based on the confrontation between cats and dogs meme coins, announces the launch of its first Bounty program and an imminent entry to the DEXs. The Bounty program starts on May 30, and on June 4, the project token under the ticker PURR will be listed on two exchanges: PancakeSwap and FlatQube. SpartaCats launches liquidity pools on June 4th with subsequent farming program on BNB Chain and Everscale.
A meme coin is a type of cryptocurrency, whose origin is usually associated with some popular memes. The most famous meme coin, Dogecoin, was launched as a joke cryptocurrency in opposition to Bitcoin and other large coins that set themselves epochal goals, such as overthrowing the hegemony of banks, decentralizing money, etc. The creators of Dogecoin did not expect their coin to be useful in any way, and in general, the lack of utility is a characteristic feature of most meme coins. Unlike utility tokens, they are not used for joining any DAO, staking, or buying anything within a particular ecosystem. And the fundamental point is that the SpartaCats project`s got all these features on board.
Solving the Problem of the Meme Coin Market
The problem with the meme coin market is that this market is captured by large manipulators, speculators and well-known public figures. You must have immediately understood who we are talking about.
SpartaCats has made it its goal to change this situation. The main thing of the project is to create a single ecosystem of the meme coins community and NFT users. In addition, PURR tokens will have several really useful utility features. With their help, you can create clans and communities, participate in championships and competitions, thus creating an effective economic hierarchy in the meme coin market.
SpartaCats creates a completely decentralized ecosystem with the most fair distribution of tokens. According to PURR tokenomics, tokens will be distributed among community members.
Another important feature of the project is that SpartaCats interacts with international organizations around the world related to supporting cats in the real world — these are shelters, animal assistance and other various organizations, as well as crypto projects dedicated to cats.
SpartaCats NFT and DAO Foundation
As part of the project, 300 NFTs will be issued and sold to the public to ensure the practical management of the SpartaCats DAO Foundation. Of these, only 20 will be distributed among the core team: these are 20 members of the core team, each receiving 1 NFT. 10 NFTs will go to key partners and influencers who will support the project. The remaining 270 will be distributed over 4 years at regular intervals. Those who bought NFT at the auction become full members of the DAO Foundation with the right to make decisions on the project`s development.
PURR Tokenomics
Total Supply:
The DAO Foundation manages 15% of all PURR tokens. Of these, only 2% will be unlocked immediately for the Core Team, while the remaining 13% will be unlocked in parallel with the release of the NFTs. With each new NFT sold at auction, an amount will be unlocked at the DAO Foundation`s disposal.
Dividend program: 5% (0.0185% every week to all NFT holders)
Seed round: 10% to be vested linearly over 12 months
Launchpad: all the funds collected will be directed to the liquidity pool
Liquidity Pool: 10% (LP tokens will be sent to the genesis block (zero-address)
Airdrop: 10%
Farming BNB Chain: 20%
Farming EVER: 20%
SpartaCats Bounty Program
SpartaCats team is looking for community members that are willing to be its cat face and meow voice. To become the first PURR`s lucky owners, bounty players should complete tasks, gain access to the game, and be able to claim their NFTs and SpartaCat`s tokens. They can also earn 10% PURR Tokens from friends they invite.
PURR’s Listing on the DEXs
On June 4, the PURR token will be listed on two decentralized exchanges: PancakeSwap and FlatQube. From now on, it will be available for sale and purchase, so those who manage to get a token during the Bounty program will receive benefits. The team promises to reward the early birds — the primary token and NFT holders — in the future.
From now on, it will be available for sale and purchase, so those who manage to get a token during the Bounty program will receive the maximum benefit.
Hurry up to take part in the fluffiest action of 2022! Meme coins with cats currently occupy less than 1% of the meme coin market, filled with coins with dogs that are trying to emulate DOGE. At the same time, cats are objectively more popular than dogs in most countries, so the SpartaCats project surely has a great future!
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