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Street art is a militant art movement by design and yet it is under-represented in the NFT space. To solve this, a group of street-art enthusiasts came together to create Streetlab.io in November 2021. This paved the way for the team to build a truly decentralized NFT platform for street artists all around the world.
Now Streetlab.io is ready for its big launch!
Streetlab.io is a community-led platform that features the best curated Street Art NFT projects. Make no mistake, the team has an ambitious goal for this project. In short, Streetlab.io is to Street-Art what Artblocks is to generative art.
However, Streetlab.io is not just any ordinary street-art NFT platform. Instead of simply selling photos of existing murals as NFTs, the platform takes it a step further. Actually, they encourage street artists to experiment with digital art creation.
By making strong partnerships with big NFT communities, Streetlab solidifies its place as the #StreetArtNFT marketplace. Yes, Streetlab has the support of Zeneca, Exclusible, Doodles Alpha, Deck of Degeneracy, and more. Accordingly, it is no wonder that more than 25 world-class street artists already confirmed their debuts on the platform.
Originally, Streetlab began with 3 street art lovers. Founders, Alexis d’Eudeville, Sébastien Rouby, and Julien Bessaguet are fully doxxed. Plus, the team boasts a wealth of experience. For instance, Alexis spent more than 7 years at Google in Sales and constantly over-achieved the YoY revenue growth target of a 40-account portfolio.
But that’s not all. The founding team has 2 more members serving as project advisors: Benoit Couty (founder of Museum Crypto Art), and Carlos Marcial who is an OG crypto artist himself.
In order to raise funds for the project, Streetlab.io is partnering with Mexican street artist Yescka to launch the Streetlab Genesis Collection. The NFT collection consists of 4,444 Free Muertos. Basically, these characters represent the freedom fighters who came back from the dead to guide street artists to the world of NFT.
These NFTs will be up for grabs starting from June 2nd, at 4 pm UTC on Streetlab.io. Take note that the drop is split into 3 phases. 
First, only the members of the allowlist will be able to mint during the first 2 hours. Then, those on the waiting list can join the sale for the next 10 hours. For these two phases, the minting price is set at 0.077 ETH. Finally, the public sale will open with a price of 0.088 ETH, with the possibility to pay by credit card.
Lucky for us, getting onto the Allowlist for Streetlab’s genesis NFT collection is rather simple. First, make sure you have at least 0.1 ETH in your Web3 wallet. Then follow Streetlab’s official Twitter page and join its Discord with a verified role. Lastly, register yourself on Streetlab’s Premint page to secure your spot.
Streetlab Genesis NFT holders, tons of NFT utilities await you. One thing for sure is that these genesis NFTs will act as governance tokens of Streetlab.io. In short, this means holders get to earn voting rights. Through those votes, the community decides which artwork the platform curates.
Additionally, Genesis holders will get exclusive access to future drops on Streetlab too. In fact, only Genesis holders can take part in the platform’s Street-Artist referral program. Through this program, you will earn 5% of the revenue share from every sale made by a street artist that you referred to the platform.
But that’s not all. Among the 4,444 Free Muertos NFTs, 88 of them will have secret traits that hold the Membership Pass to the Streetlab Curator Club. This is definitely the biggest jackpot of all, as members of the Curator Club will get a share of Streetlab.io’s profits every quarter.
If you’re feeling the vibe now, make sure you visit Streetlab’s official website and join the tribe on its official Twitter and Discord channels. At last, don’t forget to secure your spot on the Allowlist too!
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Ming Hooi is a writer based in Malaysia. She is a fan of GameFi and loves keeping herself updated on the latest developments of crypto, GameFi, NFT, and Web 3.0 in general.

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