People who have decided to try themselves in investing pursue one main goal — to increase their income. Trading requires constant analysis and monitoring, and that’s why stock market players need to track all their trades in order to improve results and find mistakes.
If a client doesn’t use additional tools, trading will be haphazard, and the results won’t be satisfactory. Crypto exchanges provide a trading terminal and graphical tools, but their capabilities are limited. It’s here that modern technologies come to the aid of both experienced and novice market players. The user only needs to choose a suitable crypto app to start earning efficiently, quickly, and simply!
Cryptocurrency Trader
TradingView is one of the most popular resources not only for crypto traders but also for traditional players who trade on the stock and currency markets.
On the website, experienced clients publish analytics and useful information that can be helpful in trading. The service even allows conducting online broadcasts, where users can follow the transactions of other traders in real-time and learn more about trading. A screener of the currency, stock, and cryptocurrency markets is also available there.
Here are other useful features of the app:
With the help of the program’s tools, a trader can compare quotes, track the correlation between different assets, add custom indicators to the chart, and much more.
CoinMarketCap is a service for monitoring cryptocurrency charts and their capitalization.
The site doesn’t contain such advanced tools for analysis and charts but provides a lot of useful information to crypto traders, such as the Bitcoin dominance index or the crypto exchange’s trading volumes. The main features of the platform are presented below:
CoinMarketCap has its own blog, which regularly publishes useful digests on cryptocurrencies. Users can sort and filter cryptocurrencies by selected parameters, track coins by various sectors, and much more.
A full-fledged trading terminal for those who place several orders during the day — customers can set up an API connection directly from this application.
It’s noteworthy that there are many tools for technical analysis that can be applied directly to the selected coin’s chart. All transactions in the user’s portfolio are reflected on charts — this feature is useful for people who use trading bots or just make a lot of transactions per day.
An interesting crypto trading app ios with a wide range of functionality whose team is clearly interested in providing a quality product. TabTrader is definitely worthy of a place in traders’ smartphones!


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