Disinformation peddler, human tomato, and InfoWars host Alex Jones has an anonymous benefactor shoveling millions of dollars of bitcoin into his crypto wallet. The windfall comes on the cusp of a financial disaster for Jones: he’ll soon know just how much he’ll be liable for after losing multiple defamation lawsuits over his lies that the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 weren’t real.
The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch reported Thursday that Jones has an unknown crypto millionaire sitting in his corner. The donor supplied Jones 206 bitcoin worth over $5 million May 19 and 52 bitcoin worth around $2 million in April, all from a single crypto wallet.
The money landed in Jones’ coffers after a “tearjerker” episode of his InfoWars podcast May 18 that saw the host pleading for more crypto donations “to prosecute a war” against “the enemy.” Jones often gets support from people who try to remain anonymous, including some web advertising services.

The donation comes on the heels of Jones’ multiple losses in the defamation cases brought by parents of Sandy Hook victims. Lawyers for the Sandy Hook families said in court filings that the InfoWars mouthpiece was trying to hide his company’s assets through shell companies and by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which shields companies from civil lawsuits. Jones will not enjoy such protection, however: federal bankruptcy Judge Julia Manning dropped all three of Jones’ businesses from bankruptcy protection.
Whoever this individual or group is donating to Jones, they don’t seem to mind flushing more cash down the toilet (AKA, Jones’ mouth). The price of bitcoin hit a peak in April but has since declined precipitously. It’s now trading at its lowest rates since late 2020.
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Though he’s been humbled by the parents of a previous school shooting, Jones doesn’t seem to be learning from his mistakes. The most recent school massacre in Uvalde, Texas has spawned numerous conspiracy theories, and Jones has taken them up with fervor, as has Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar. Jones’ most recent episode of InfoWars May 24 included him hinting to his audience that the latest shooting might be staged.
“It’s very opportunistic what’s happening,” Jones said.


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