The Female-Led Queen Apes Collection by Apocalyptic Apes Revealed 15 Queen Ape One-of-One Music NFTs Paired With Female Empowerment Songs by Emerging Music Artists
LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 24, 2022 / The female-led Queen Apes collection by Apocalyptic Apes raised over $1.5M and sold out in three hours of public sale last month, spearheaded by Katherine Boiciuc, Jillian Valentin and LisaJo Canez. On Friday, 15 Queen Ape NFTs were revealed as ‘one of one’ music NFTs paired with female empowerment songs by emerging music artists.
Out of the 8,888 Queen Apes that have been minted, 15 were revealed as one-of-one music NFTs paired with songs by emerging artists including Krysta Youngs, Kali J and Farah Mitha. The reveal happened on Friday, May 20th as the holders of these 15 Queen Apes anxiously awaited the artwork and song pairing for their one-of-one NFTs.
Beyond the artwork and music, founder of Apocalyptic Apes Bill Starkov revealed that holders of these 15 Queen Ape music NFTs will also receive 45% streaming and licensing revenue of the song attached to their NFT.
“This is a huge opportunity for emerging artists to push forward their careers through web3 by attaching themselves and promoting their music to an already established, loyal and passionate NFT community,” said Starkov. “In addition, we’re giving a generous revenue share of 45% streaming to the holders of these Queen Ape music NFTs. This is an opportunity for emerging artists to be introduced to thousands of people who will be incentivized to promote them.”
The Queen Ape NFT soundtrack partnership with artists is a win-win for emerging musicians and for NFT holders, and it is one of the first NFT collections of its kind.
“This partnership gives emerging artists who didn’t have the bandwidth or the pathway before, an opportunity to get involved in NFTs for the first time,” said Ryan Gaines, CEO & Founder of Mutiny Recordings. “This Queen Ape partnership allows these artists to jump head first into the whole NFT world and have something they can promote as an artist in web3.”
The reveal of the one-of-one music NFTs have driven up the value and therefore the price of each Queen Ape holder’s individual piece.
“In the formula we came up with, if you acquire an NFT with a music trait featuring a relatively unknown recording artist, you have the potential to share in their success if and when they blow up,” shared Gaines.
To learn more about Apocalyptic Apes and Queen Apes, please visit the official website here. To listen to the Queen Ape NFT soundtrack, you can find it here. Queen Ape music NFT image assets can be found here.
Apocalyptic Apes is an NFT art collection that first launched 8,888 post-apocalypse genesis ape NFT artworks in October 2021 and sold out in two months. The post-apocalypse ape artwork is created by artist Haddy, with the apes representing a dingy apocalyptic era caused by human waste and contamination. Founder Bill Starkov (Fity.Eth) and the team behind Apocalyptic Apes contribute and partner with global impact companies to replace plastics with hemp and other biodegradable material, they support female-led projects in the web3 space, as well as NFT music artists. Apocalyptic Ape NFTs have a trading volume of 7.7k in Ethereum (over $22.5M), with their second female-led Queen Ape collection raising over $1.5M and selling out in under three hours.
Bill Starkov (aka Fity Eth) is a BAYC member and the founder of NFT collection, Apocalyptic Apes. The first Apocalyptic Apes genesis NFT collection launched October 2021 and sold out within two months, with the second Queen Apes collection raising $1.5M and selling out in three hours on April 28th, 2022. Starkov is passionate about utilizing NFT’s to support women, artists, creators and the environment. Raised in Los Angeles, Starkov has provided casting services for hundreds of different media outlets and worked with top international brands. He invests in and builds high end residential and commercial real estate and has taken his community-building skills to create a tight-knit and highly engaged community of Apocalyptic Apes.
Kayley Hamilton
CEO & Founder
SOURCE: Apocalyptic Apes

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