In 2021, cryptocurrencies enjoyed massive success which had not been seen in quite some time. However, in 2022, the market has faced a few snaps, even coming to a relative halt in the first few months of 2022. Major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Solana (SOL), have suffered as well, creating the need for alternative investments. Mushe Token (XMU) is the new coin on the block that investors should be considering for future investments.
When it comes to market capitalization, Ethereum (ETH) is the second most valuable cryptocurrency globally and is Bitcoin’s (BTC) biggest contender. Ethereum manages to outperform Bitcoin in specific unique ways, especially by establishing a niche for itself in the crypto industry.
Ethereum is adopting a new system and transitioning from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus technique to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol. In the PoW mechanism, computers must solve complex mathematical problems to validate transactions. A PoS system involves using validators to validate transactions and earn a part of their holdings as compensation.
When Ethereum fully begins using the Proof-of-Stake mechanism, it will be more energy-efficient and consume 99% less. It will also be faster and cheaper, possibly allowing it to overtake Bitcoin. Many crypto analysts predict that Ethereum’s value will soon enter the five-figure range.
Solana (SOL) is similar to Ethereum in that it was created to support decentralized applications (dApps), and it is already supporting several projects in the DeFi, GameFi, and NFT ecosystems. Due to its high speeds, many people switched to the Solana network to gain from the increased popularity of the NFT space that occurred in 2021. ETH 2.0 is presently on hold, but there are indications to suggest that Solana will get to $1000 by the end of 2022.
In 2021, Solana’s price increased by more than 11,000%, proving itself to be a game-changer in cryptocurrencies. The main advantage Solana has over cryptocurrencies is its fast processing speeds. BTC is capable of  around 7 transactions per second, Ethereum’s speed is just slightly higher, while Solana (SOL) can process thousands of transactions per second.

Mushe’s (XMU) presale has surprised many people with the rate it’s been growing. One week after the presale was launched, XMU shares quadrupled in value. There are indications that XMU will surpass its goal of a $0.50 price when it officially launches on July 4, 2022.
There is a lot of enthusiasm for Mushe Token, but there is also an increasing belief in long-term prospects. Instead of focusing on the volatility of the crypto market, Mushe Token will be a central exchange medium for the ecosystem because it will seamlessly blend fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.
The MusheVerse will be a frictionless platform that will allow the interoperability of money and crypto. It is being developed to be an extension of Mushe Wallet and Mushe Swap. The Mushe ecosystem will serve its users’ financial needs and interests within the financial market, as it is applicable in regular purchases like household management and complex long-term investments.
Presales are a trusted way to earn from cryptocurrencies. Mushe Token (XMU) has experienced one of the most successful presales, and it is already set to return massive gains to investors.
Mushe Token (XMU);
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