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London, May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Utility NFT Coin is the first hybrid social NFT marketplace community wherein NFT creators and enthusiasts can launch their NFTs and get economic value for each sale; people call it the Facebook of NFTs’. Unsea Blockchain is the all-inclusive decentralized NFT marketplace where NFT creators and enthusiasts can trade high-value tokenized assets, access a play2earn gaming network, and become a part of an expansive social community of NFT enthusiasts.
In a recent development, UNC has welcomed the renowned Blockchain specialist Thomas Smith and made as VP of product. As the winner of 2021’s “Binance Global Influencer of the Year Award” and with coding experience on hand, Thomas has already worked for well-known cryptocurrency projects while utilizing the full potential of blockchain technologies. Thomas has received his MIS training as Wing Leader from Grafton Jobcorps Academy.
Thomas, along with UNC (Utility NFT Coin), strives to innovate and revolutionize the way people look at distributed ledgers and non-fungible utility. The UNC founders have made him an integral part of the UNC team. Also, the company expressed its views on new collaboration:
“We are excited about the crypto wizard joining our venture, to help shape the future of utility and non-fungible tokens with us.”

Utility NFT Coin’s marketplace web3 implementation is used to create an inclusively dynamic platform wherein users do not only trade but also function as a part of a community that contributes to the growth of the marketplace. Moreover, the platform integrates a gaming system wherein users can play games, build up value for in-game NFTs, and earn every game won.
UNC Projects:
UNC NFT marketplace builds its tokens on two token standards to enable effective operations of each token type in the platform. BEP-721 is a BSC token standard that supports the creation of NFTs. It makes every NFT unique, thus ensuring that another replaces no NFT. Each BEP721 token exists as a unique token with specific metadata. The token standard allows users to transfer and trade their tokens for the market value based on the utility or rarity of the token.
The Utility NFT coin is built on the BEP20 token standard to provide holders fast transaction speed and effective deployment. The token standard has similar functions as the ERC20, so the Utility NFT Coin built on it can easily be used across various cryptocurrency networks.
UNC has a total supply of 20 billion UNC tokens and is currently undergoing its first IDO, which two more IDOs will follow. UNC is already listed in Bitmart and coming soon to more exchanges.
To participate in the current IDO, log on to www.dex.unsea.io Intending users must visit the following links to gather more information about the project and stay updated: Telegram | Website


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