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Update: ‘Beastroid’ project unveiled
Update 2 [Thu 19th May, 2022: 17:00BST:
The project has now been formally unveiled, with an introductory video by Keiji Inafune and an official website. Sadly it has no update on the 3DS version of Mighty No. 9.
Update [Wed 18th May, 2022 03:45 BST]: It seems the same countdown webpage on PolkaFantasy has now been taken offline. As stated in the original story, it’s believed by some that the whole project may be a scam (via @Protodude) — we’ll update this article as soon as it’s confirmed one way or the other:
Original story [Wed 18th May, 2022 02:15 BST]: Mega Man artist and Mighty No. 9 creator Keiji Inafune is reportedly working on a new NFT project known simply as ‘Beastroid’. According to a countdown website discovered on the Japanese NFT marketplace PolkaFantasy (via VGC), the legendary artist has designed his very first futuristic NFT collection.
“Beastroid Vol 001 is Inafune-san’s first futuristic NFT collection integrated with incredible utilities. As he is stepping foot in the Metaverse, PolkaFantasy is proud to present the official debut of the robo-revolution collection on its brand new Marketplace 2.0.”
There’s even some lore attached – noting how there are a whopping 2,620 Beastroids (translation NFTs) to be launched by July.
“World’s first future-driven NFT revolution by 2,620 Beastroids landing on Earth to save all human beings. In 20xx, humans are in danger of extinction. In their hope to survive, Paradise is the destination. An organisation led by a wealthy man Ethan deployed “Guardian V” to protect the grounds and to kill any human that tries to breach. To counterstrike, Beastroids are the only hope for the future of mankind.”
A roadmap reveals how Beastroid owners will eventually be able to explore the “infinite potential” of these NFTs, and holders will be entitled to “enjoy the privilege” of interacting with Inafune through various social events.
Although Keiji Inafune has a history with Capcom series like Street Fighter and Mega Man, in recent years, it was his troubled Kickstarter project Mighty No. 9 making headlines. When this project was finally released it underwhelmed audiences. There were also performance problems and it was eventually revealed “zero progress” was made on the handheld ports.
Here are just some of the Beastoids Inafune has apparently worked on – with all of them seemingly drawing inspiration from the Mega Man series:
It’s worth mentioning the current debate surrounding the legitimacy of the project and whether Inafune is actually involved, as his copyright and signatures aren’t supposedly featured on the website. VGC editor Andy Robinson, who covered the original story, has responded to this via social media:
“From what I understand, this project is not supposed to be announced – somebody found it early via Google – so it’s not surprising Inafune isn’t talking about it. Also it’s incredibly common for marketeers to source bios from elsewhere”
“This appears to be a credible marketplace, and that page has Inafune’s name and some kind of original art all over it. Could they have decided to build all that for a scam? Sure, but why? Either way, I don’t think absence of his copyright and signature debunks it at all”
Since NFTs took off, various celebrities and even video game companies like Konami have been getting involved. How would you feel about Keiji Inafune jumping on the NFT bandwagon? Leave a comment down below.
[source, via]
About Liam Doolan
Liam Doolan
When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.
Comments (72)
He leaves one disaster only to enter another.
There’s a follow-up to this. It might not be Inafune, but rather an imitator of his style using his name for attention (makes sense) and money (not anymore).
Just let NFTS die already…
This seems cool!… to save to my photo gallery. I love the style, so this’ll just be more mega man-ish goodness. Really makes me appreciate the “save to images” button
I want a game featuring most of these creations, not an NFT.
no problem with nft’s myself, but these are dead on arrival because of everything surrounding mighty no. 9
@BrazillianCara I hope it is, because if it isn’t im going to be really upset.
oh, Inafune. how the Mighty (no. 9) have fallen.
Aw, heck no! I have no interest in these, or any NFTs.
I see Inafune had not learn jack from the Mighty No.9 debacle.
Where was this burst of creativity during Mighty No 9?? Lol. I guess it took an even bigger scam to bring out Inafking’s best 😝
Wow, these certainly have that NFT feel to them, like the art doesn’t feel too dissimilar to those damn apes. Like it’s Megaman style, but some element of design or something is missing, giving them that soulless feel of every other NFT.
If there are any young people reading, do not be suckered in to NFTs.
People were saying back during mighty no 9 Keiji Inafune was a con man. I kick started Mno9, for 3ds. I still didn’t believe him to be a straight up conman. This news though, I now know he has always been a conman.
Not even gonna look at the other comments. Does anyone ACTUALLY buy this stuff?
I saved these images. Does that mean I stole NFTs?
@BrazillianCara I’ve updated the story to include this information.
protodude of rockman corner’s been covering this, hilarious to see how many people in the comments here are so quick to believe, as if the people who steal art on the reg wouldn’t lie about having someone backing them
edit: Depressing
I hope this dude embarks on a one way trip to the sun. Stop ruining good things with knock offs and crypto crap. We all made our money off the fad it’s done. Go dry up now.
@Liam_Doolan Thank you. If it turns out he isn’t involved, I really suggest making a new story rather than updating this one, and with a clear title, to make sure anyone interested will notice and read. I have no horse in this race regarding Inafune’s credibility, but I really dislike misaimed hate bandwagons on principle.
Fight, Inafune! For everlasting grift!
as a sidenote, even as someone who loves gaudy and garish designs, these all look terrible, especially the x-like
Ooh, nice NFTs, mind if I just screenshot those and sell them to some random person at a massive profit?
Inafune is like a bad case of diarrhea… just when you think you’re done, it just keeps on coming.
Is it me or does the “story” almost sound like it’s trolling NFTs?
I love nft, why? I get to snapshot it!
To anyone reading this, this almost certainly has NOTHING to do with Inafune and is a scam.
Edit: Uh oh…
Not that I think the game will be good AT ALL, but what ever happened to that Red Ash game? Did Inafune just give up on it?
Because he should if he hasn’t yet lol
Didn’t he learn from his “Mighty” No. 9 fiasco?
Gross. I hope he continues to fail.
How is that 3DS version of mighty number 9 coming…
Remember when Inafune said "it’s better than nothing?"
In this case? "Nothing" would be better.
New Mega Man 12: feet underground
@Liam_Doolan: According to Protodude this whole thing, or atleast Inafune’s involvement in it, is fake.
Yeah, I’m into NFT’s!
N – Never
F – Forget
T – The Alamo
I can’t wait till the creative minds behind the critically acclaimed Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog franchises collaborate to bring us "Mighty Wonderworld!!"
Okay, but in all seriousness…the “anime fan on prom nite” joke was at least somewhat funny. I wouldn’t call it peak comedy, but I’d give it at least a 4/10, which on my ratings scale is the equivalent of, “Well, it didn’t give me diarrhea!”
Some of y’all took it way too seriously, though. I don’t know why people were offended. It just makes me think of that meme about “the most oppressed group of all: GAMERS!” Lol.
I’m alarmed that so many people in the comments section jumped to blame Inafune for this.
If you look at the "beastoids" artwork, they look more like Mega Man X fanworks than professional illustrations by Inafune. He’s a more talented artist than that.
The project is a scam, as are NFTs. Which makes it a scam within a scam … it’s borderline Inception
It’s heart warming that out of 40 comments there’s only one NFT-bro.
At least everybody else has learned their lesson about NFTs.
Good. NFT stands for ‘No F***ing Thanks!’
Oh look, more scandal and scammery going on in the crypto circles. If only a larger group of people would warn them repeatedly….
It’s appalling… but you almost have to admire his commitment to grift.
I have to admit "shockingly high IQ of more than 200" has to be my favorite bit.
I have no idea why people believe NFTs are good. Not only are they harmful to the environment but they are absolutely pointless. What do I gain from buying one?
That’s some nice artwork, pity they’re those nyf thingies. Let’s see those in some actual games, I especially like the hippo. Not a fan of the cat, she reminds me of that blue haired cat from that one fighting game.
@Platinum-Bucket Ha! Saaame.
I have a lot of artist friends who are doing the NFT thing so it’s pretty much a natural curiosity for most of them at this point. He’ll learn one way or another that most people don’t enjoy that kind of kind of art ownership after all.
Oh, Inafune actually is involved in this?
That’s, super disappointing. Is this what Comcept has come to?
Does Inafune owe money to yakuza or something? Why does it seem like he’s always trying to make a quick buck?
But the Gunvolt games are awesome and he’s involved in those, right?
@Ironcore Aaaaand cue the single person in every thread about NFTs claiming that they’re good and nobody understands them, but never able to provide anything they’re good for
Wait, so Inafune is involved with this after all?
This doesn’t seem legitimate to me and even if it was the fact that NFTs are again being mentioned………….you know what I think of them so no point repeating that sentiment for the millionth time here.
But some random dude on the internet said this was 99.9% confirmed as fake 🤣
So now that Inafune is confirmed to be involved in this, does it make a difference? It is still a scam, it’s just an officially sanctioned scam now.
@SalvorHardin What’s so funny? either way NFTs are cancerous. They’re a complete rip off regardless.
For a minute I was afraid I’d have to blow $10,000 on a graded copy of Urban Champion for the NES. Thank goodness I can waste my money on this instead.
@SalvorHardin long shot came true? Anybody got a lottery ticket?
@BrazillianCara @Shepdawg1 Yes he is involved. I can feel your rage about his betrayal though. I know how it feels when a legend I look up to fall this far from grace.
@Serpenterror I made that comment a while back before today’s announcement. It doesn’t bother me too much. Idolizing people only leads to disappointment, so I just never bother. I’m also very much a “Nothing is black and white” kind of guy. I disagree with his decision to launch an NFT line, but people are too multi-faceted to put solely in a good camp or bad camp, so I just let them lead their lives and I try to lead my best one.
Wow, that’s a new low.
Dude disappeared after the Mighty n9 fiasco, resurfaced being piggybacked by Inti Creates and now is selling NFT of what doesn’t even look like his best work
Edit: when I first read “2620 beastroids” I actually thought he was putting himself through the work of creating that many original artworks, but after checking the page, it’s actually only 4 characters, in 2 different poses, in a limited variety of color swaps and background color
Beastroids? I had to go to my doctor for those last year, nasty stuff. Wasn’t able to sit for a month!
@Bobb Yeah… he is kinda a washed up hasbin… I don’t use said words often; for Inafune it seems accurate. Megaman, Dead Rising, Onimusha and many others may not exist today without his work through being a creator or producer. Yet, his focus on Western development for Capcom lead games with mixed reception like the Bionic Commando remake, Dark Void and DMC: Devil May Cry.
That is before I mention Mighty Number 9 which was a disaster. I got the Wii U version as a collectors item and that has all it has been for me.
It is always sad seeing once great creators hit every branch on the way down during their fall.
Wow, Inafune is so hilariously greedy and terrible that it’s kind of sad. Did he just decide to stop "making" Red Ash and jump on NFTs seeing how it’s the next biggest money making scam?
I mean, he already used Kickstarter to scam fans out of money so I guess NFTs were the next logical step. This man has fallen so far from grace that it’s hard to imagine he had anything to do with the creation of Mega Man.
@Bret Where did I claim they were good? Read the bitcoin standard and bitcoins and blockchains to get yourself up to speed so that you can at the very least understand the topic of discussion.
collecting my L on this one but standing by the fact he could’ve at least made some halfway appealing designs if he was going to do this rancid garbage
Those designs look ok. Thats about all I can say without swearing and negativity on here
The designs look fine… But dang he’s hit a new low.
I love it how the article reminds us of the pending date for the 3DS version of Mighty N9. Inafune seems to like to rip people off. Hopefully nobody will buy any of his crap, but who knows.
Older developers have been bitter, sad and increasingly pathetic after Notch got so rich. Chasing money before joy and creativity never amounts to much of anything.
Please don’t give publicity to NFT’s.
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