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Everyone has access to KaijuKingz Scientist NFT mint! KaijuKingz’s secondary NFT collection is open to all but only limited to 1 mint per wallet during the 48-hour minting window starting 6 p.m. CST on May 16, 2022.
The KaijuKingz, a pixel-art NFT project launched last year, is no doubt one of the most thriving collections. From their successful Kaiju NFTs to their upcoming P2E Monster x Monster game, the Kaiju ecosystem continues to grow.
Now, they aim to add more members to the community by opening the mint of their Scientists NFTs to everyone. In a post on their official Twitter account, KaijuKings said: “Our goal in employing this launch structure is to open up the KaijuKingz ecosystem to accept as many members as possible as we build out our IP. Anyone who wants to be a part of Monster x Monster should be able to do so, and we all benefit by it.”
In addition, Kaijukingz believes that through this gesture, they can flip the narrative that a new PFP collection must be a 10k supply. Their post stated that interested parties shouldn’t have to go through thousands of Discord messages and works of fan art to grind for a spot on the mint list.
When you mint a KaijuKingz Scientist NFT, you only need to pay gas and you’ll be able to get the base level Scientist. Yet, these NFTs will have missing P2E abilities. Regardless, all Scientists NFTs will be valuable during the launch of their Monster x Monster game.
However, if you want to level up your Scientist NFT, KaijuKingz allows you to upgrade it by “injecting” a minimum of 0.06666 ETH. An upgraded Scientist NFT receives additional perks such as $SCALES acquisition and DNA stealing from Mutant Kaijuz. Upgraded Scientists will also have an animation. For extra visual effects, you need to “inject” 0.4 ETH.
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Micah is a writer based in the Philippines. She loves to write about the things that spark her interest like tech, art, blockchain, and NFTs. In her free time, she paints using acrylic and watercolor, reads fictional novels, and plays video games.

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