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The same people (Larva Labs) who revolutionized the NFT space by giving us CryptoPunks are back with the Meebits NFTs. Larva Labs is regarded as one of the most reputable names in the NFT space for launching CryptoPunks.
Meebits is a collection of 3D characters, or we should say it is a collection of 3D voxel art. Voxel is the short form of Volume Pixel, which are pixel cubes.
Based on the Ethereum Blockchain, Meebits NFTs are a collection of 20K 3D voxel characters made through a custom generative algorithm.
Since the day of the launch, the project has caught the eyes of several investors, and if you are one of them, we are here to give you a detailed overview of the Meebits NFT project that includes Meebits DAO and much more.
Meebits NFT By Larva Labs Features & Price Analysis
Number of NFTs: 20K
Meebits NFT Floor Price: 4.7 ETH
Number of Owners: 6.5K
Volume Traded: 119.0K ETH
While CryptoPunks were in 2D, the Meebits NFTs are available in 3D – making them a perfect asset for Metaverse gaming and Virtual Reality platforms.
As all the Meebits NFTs were generated by an algorithm, the rarity has become a crucial factor here. If you check out the Meebits NFTs closely, you can see that they have been randomized with different attributes – from hats to sneakers.
On 3rd May 2021, Larva Labs made the official announcement of the Meebits NFTs with a no-fee trading marketplace. This no-fee NFT marketplace has allowed people to trade up to 100 Meebits NFTs per transaction.
Only 9K NFTs were available for anyone to buy shortly, which was a success, as all the Meebits NFTs were sold like hotcakes within 24 hours. During that time, the average price was 2.5 ETH, which is around USD 6.8K. The team had also promised that free Meebits NFTs were airdropped to the CryptoPunk and glyph owners to reward their loyalty to the community.
The Meebits NFTs are available with T-pose OBF File, which means you will get your characters with a default pose with their arms extended horizontally. From there on, you can do custom animations for your avatars, like making them dance.
To shape the future Meebits NFT ecosystem, Larva Labs has launched the General Membership Program.
The MDAO General Membership NFTs will open the doors for Meebits DAO.
As of 21st February 2022, there are 3.2K owners of MDAO General Membership NFTs with a Floor price of 0.03 ETH.
With 3.3K items and 4.6K total traded volume, General Membership NFTs will give you access to the Meebits DAO Discord. The owners will also be able to participate in DAO governance and fabricate the future of the Meebits NFT project.
Important note: The team has stated that MDAO General Membership NFTs will not give you the ownership or fractional ownership of any Meebits NFTs. They have also said that Meebits DAO is not affiliated with Larva Labs.
To balance the collective view of different members of the community, The Meebits NFT developers have thought about the big investors as well as the small ones to ensure that their ideas count.
Their roadmap started in May 2021, by creating the Meebits DAO community on Discord. Since then, the developers have tried to incentivize the DAO members for their long-term loyalty.
The team is trying to add a cool sub-brand within the DAO- and it will be accessible for anyone owning the dissected Meebits NFTs. This will help the project to pull in a wider audience while opening paths for planning merch drops and other incentive systems.
The team has also ensured that you can get a 3D print of your Meebits NFT and display it at your workstation or your drawing-room. To create Meebits toys, the developers have already approached CryptoKaiju – one of the leading toy makers in the NFT space.
They have also launched the Meebits photo booth where the owners can click photos of their Meebits NFTs in different poses.
Organizing a successful event on the Decentraland is already echoing the success of the project. However, they are planning to host another Metaverse event soon with a more interactive experience for the owners.
Meebits NFTs Price Stats Meebits Mint Price Vs Floor Price
The DAO Meebits NFT mint price was 0.05 ETH and limited to 1 mint per address.
As of May 15th, 2022, the highest sold Meebits NFTs is for 150 ETH – and the total trading volume is 119K
 Since the launch, the Meebits NFT project has been a financial success and in the last 7 days (as of May 15th, 2022), the average price was 13.70 ETH.
If you could not get the Meebits NFTs earlier, you can do that now from the Meebits OpenSea marketplace. However, if you have existing Meebits NFTs, you can trade them directly from the Meebits website.
As rarity is the driving factor here, make sure to check Meebit’s rarity score from Rarity.tools.
Based on the current stats and their structured roadmap, we can defiantly say that Larva Labs has given us another promising NFT project after the CryptoPunks. The Meebits NFT price prediction is looking bright. With an experienced team and a strong and intelligent community, Meebits NFT is all set to explode in the NFT space. 
You can check the latest updates about the Project from the Larva Labs Twitter account – and can join the community on Discord. However, you may also follow them at Meebits NFT Twitter and Meebits Discord which has 16.2K followers and 2603 members respectively.
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