Are you ready for an NFT Bootcamp where you can create NFTs and monetize this demanding skills later on? 
TRX Labs has announced that they will train at least 300 new digital artists. TRX Labs is an Asian Web3 and NFT launchpad that promotes digital artworks. They plan to train the 300 new artists within the next three years. 
TRX Labs is training new NFT artists as they announce a New NFT Creator Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is set to launch on May 25, 2022. Another cool thing about this Bootcamp is that some trained artists will join TRX Labs and create NFTs for their upcoming NFT marketplace.
TRX Team
The NFT Creator Bootcamp is Completely Free!
Yes, you read that right. TRX Labs is offering this fantastic once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for FREE. Everyone can apply for this Bootcamp should they want to learn this digital art. 
TRX Labs has always been promoting digital art and new creators, and this time, they are directly asking the new creators to join their Bootcamp and get introduced to this new emerging NFT and Web3 space.
The Bootcamp will comprise some of the best trainers in the space so that every student can mint their own NFTs after they are done with the Bootcamp.

TRX Labs is only in the game for some while now yet they are taking the NFT and Web3 space by storm. After the Bootcamp is complete, the company is planning to launch its own NFT marketplace and Move-to-Earn titles, and real-life events. All this will be made possible when the community backs the whole ecosystem.
Eligibility Criteria 
You are eligible to apply to the Bootcamp if you are:
That’s it. If you the eligibility criteria, you can freely apply for the NFT Creation Bootcamp. Keep in mind that the deadline to apply for the Bootcamp is May 18! So hurry!
Note: There is special priority access to the workshop if you hold ZMAX NFTs

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