Luxury department store Harvey Nichols announced that it will be launching a retail concept space inside of its Hong Kong branch for non-fungible tokens (NFTs.) The space will feature a wide selection of specially curated blue-chip NFTs from popular projects like CryptoPunks and Doodles.
Customers can purchase NFTs with cryptocurrency or credit card. The current collection features a price range of HK$5,000 to over HK$1,000,000 (roughly $650 USD to $127,500 USD) — a broad range purposely considered to give potential first-time NFT buyers an easy access point.
In addition to the curated collection, the retail space will allow customers to display their own NFTs for sale if they meet specific blue-chip criteria.
The NFT space has seen an increase in physical activations, mostly in the form of social events, concerts, and other gatherings, to provide greater utility for holders. The HN NFT Vault is a semi-permanent retail space.
NFT holders have also used their intellectual property (IP) to establish businesses, including a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)-themed burger restaurant called Bored & Hungry. The restaurant was originally intended to only be a 90-day pop-up but has now become a fixed establishment.
To see a full list of the projects that will be featured in the HN NFT Vault, interested parties can visit its website here.
In other news, Sir Mix-A-Lot shared his thoughts on a decentralized future.

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